Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's enough to cause me to hyperventilate. Once a year, on the first Sunday of November, the Southern California Handweavers Guild (SCHG) puts on a Weaving Festival in Torrance, CA that is a favorite. With vendors that support weaving, spinning, knitting, felting, beading, and many other fiber arts, women and men travel for miles (in my case, over 35) to attend. And it's well worth it.

This booth is Nancy's Custom Handweaving. You may remember Nancy when I mentioned her at the GLASG meeting as being so kind and helping me get settled in September when it took all my strength just to make it there.

This is Morrow Fleece Works and Shari McKelvy. I don't remember how I came to know of Shari, but she owns a cottage "factory" in which she takes raw fleece (mostly wool although she will work with anything), washes and combs it, and then returns it pin drafted and wound in a beautiful nautical coil to it's owner. I sent some fleeces that I had won at various silent auctions (yes, I have bid on and won dirty sheep's wool with glee on more than one occasion) to her, and was thrilled at the results. I was even happier when she started making a trek down for WeFF several years ago. Of course, that does not alleviate the embarassment of having yet again failed to find the purple-dyed border leister fleece that I wanted to give her at the event to process. I don't know if this is the 2nd or 3rd year that she's heard that lament from me, but I suspect, based on the depth of fiber in my hall closet, that it will not be the last.

Newton's Knits. Spectacular prices on ready-to-work-with yarn.

Ya know, I can't remember who was sporting this wall of exquisite color, but it was luscious.

UPDATE: Thanks to Elena, I now know that this wall was from Chameleon Colorworks.

Kahn Fagen Beads. I had just bought from them a week ago at the beading bazar, but couldn't resist adding to my collection.

Eric waiting for the fashion show...

And Mom - who also attends this event - waiting for the same.

Women weave their own cloth, fashion it into clothing, and model it for the rest of us to admire. One of the strongest points of the fashion show is that it has everything to do with achievement, and nothing to do with age or physical attributes.

About an hour after the show, it's time to draw tickets for the raffle! The woman in purple is Kathy Gould. She is lovely, she recently moved out of state to Las Vegas, New Mexico (yes, New Mexico, not Nevada) and then got married.

Who are the winners in this crowd?
Dave Larson, a very interesting friend.
Miles, Eric's son, watching the spinning.
Elena, also spinning. I wish I had taken a detailed photo of her jacket. She spun the yarn, wove the cloth, designed the jacket, then sewed it.
Heather at her wheel.
Eric & Miles at the end of the day.
And speaking of days, Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 4.


Anonymous said...

Aw Laura I would have been in 7th heaven being there..I love that stuff. I stare at the colors. I look at all the different beads..And then drool..Until someone says "MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM Wake up!!" A girl can dream one day!

Fiber Notes from Nicki said...

Hey Laura - great photos! Glad to see you and your family had a great time.

Hope to see you in Riverside at the Color Connects fiber conference in March 2009.


Wilda said...

I am so glad to see that you are able to get out and injoy some of the things that you use to do. You took some nice pictures and it looks like you had a great time. I have been reading your blog everyday to see what is happening with you.


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