Sunday, November 23, 2008

Exit-stential Reality

Once upon a long long time ago, at least as far back as November 7Th, an Exit sign fell upon Dana's head. And that was bad.

But Dana was fine and lived to tell the tale, and that was good.

Sherry promised that the sign would be fixed, and all would be as it was before at Slimmons, but last Tuesday, it was if a light bulb went off in my head. I looked at the former sign which had not been fixed and I "knew" it would never be the same again. But that was OK, because Dana was free to dance in and out of the studio, and in and out of the lobby as the mood struck her and with nary a worry.

But then, this morning, I walked into Slimmons and an amazing sight I did behold. That of an electrician on his ladder in the doorway to the studio, and what would he be doing? He was mounting a new exit sign into place!

Of course I was fearful for Dana. It had already been proven that she had a target on her head, and knowing that the new sign lurked above, I felt like I was awaiting her Exit-cution. But she came to class and danced as if nothing had ever happened. None of the traumatic history she had experienced with the Slimmons ceiling mattered. And she wasn't struck down from above.

I questioned her about it after class. How can it be that she who had proven to be in moral danger was not afraid? Dana laughed.

"I've faced down more terrible things than this," she stated with a gleam in her eye. "I've taught exercise classes, I've run marathons, and I work in the finance industry. I've gone to Washington with Richard, I've gone to Mexico with my friends, and I'm neither going to confirm nor deny the rumor that I drank the water while I was there. I even survived my mother flashing my "before" picture at my 40Th birthday party. Do you think a little ol' sign from above can frighten me? Au contrair!"

And just to prove her point Dana then stood under the electrician's ladder.

I've heard rumors that she is now looking to buy the biggest umbrella you ever saw and plans to open it up indoors. I hope that if she does it at Slimmons, she lets me know in advance so my camera will be ready. And I suppose that if Slimmons is the chosen 'indoor' location, she will open it up under the sign to be sure it can't drop directly on her head again.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 23.


Anonymous said... it..

Vennie said...

What a brave trooper Dana is! Especially the part about working in the finance industry--oy! That has to be the scariest! No exit sign could top that! Yay, Dana, and yay Richard for getting the sign fixed, although anyone who can't see that it's a long room with only two ways out has to be blind or addled or both. Of course, having been near blinded myself there, I can identify.

If I get scared while climbing on the Great Wall of China next March, I'll think of our intrepid Dana, and take heart!


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