Friday, November 14, 2008

A Visit to the Vampires

As always, I had to get a blood test today in preparation for my doctor's appointment with Dr. V- tomorrow. I have a great relationship with the Phlebotomists, and upon arrival announced that I wanted a really big bandage after the draw. "For the pity factor, you see. Big bandage, lots of pity."

Surprisingly, after we were done, my blood sucker pulled out a pressure bandage for my wound rather than the normal tape-and-gauze application. A big ol' honkin' pressure bandage that was quite impressive! I reacted with happiness and glee, which seemed to tickle her pink.

So it was time to leave, it was almost 6 PM when the lab closes up, and the rest of the techs were up front chatting. I showed off my bandage, proudly announcing that I was really going to work it during class at Slimmons. They all started laughing, liking the concept. One of them applied about 90 minutes worth of parking validation on my ticket that required only 15, and another pulled out a "baby sticker" for me. A really big sticker announcing that "I did very Whale."

Wow! Give a little entertainment, get back a lot!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG babe, you crack me up!Enjoy your blood sucking moment.
Hoping Dr. V gives you some better news today.

LI Laura said...

So did you play it for all it was worth at Slimmons?

Laura said...

Li Laura, You better believe I did! :D

hot tamale said...

OMG Laura, I am doing this every day now at the new recruits enlistment center for school credit. Im glad you had a good experience. My goal is to always get blood and with little pain on the first stick!! Hummm , stickers would be a nice touch

Mrs. G. said...



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