Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vennie's AdVenture, Day 3

Good Morning! Vennie is all ready to pick up men. Check out the hair, make-up, tee shirt, and jeans! A perfect California look.
Shopping in Lululemon, Beverly Hills Triangle branch.

Check this out! In Calabasas, they only had the "Vennie Memorial Dressing Room," but in Beverly Hills, they had not only one for Vennie, but they had one dedicated to Laura too!

Look what Vennie's dressing room came equipped with!

Hmmmm. Is Vennie just trying on clothes, or is her newest boyfriend still standing on the stool?

Speaking of relationships, this couple haven't made much progress since this time last year.

Smoked Salmon on Arugula with Roasted Beets. YUM!

Eric's Mediterranean platter. Yes, he met us in Beverly Hills because Laura was getting a little tired of Vennie monopolizing all of the man-cake action!


Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 18.


Beth said...

It looks like you are having a lot of fun!! I can't wait until we can all be there!!! Hurry up March!!!!

Claudia said...

Hmmmm. I'll take Vennie's dressing room. That young guy is CUTE but then again you know me. I'm still in love with 21 year old Paul McCartney. I guess I'm just a dirty old lady. LOL

March is good. February is better!!! It's closer.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

when is the reunion?

I'm missing you big time...

Vennie, I'm glad you are having a great time.


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