Saturday, November 29, 2008

Images of Thanksgiving

I arrived, Mom in tow, up at Eric's home around 4PM for Thanksgiving dinner. I felt bad about not participating in the preparation, but with the Cimzia shot the day before, it just wasn't possible. We had talked about this last Saturday night and Eric was fine with the concept. In fact, Eric was fabulous at single-execution of Thanksgiving too!

The turkey was perfect...

...and the table, set up in the living room by the fire, was beautiful! Gabby and Miles are responsible for the Thanksgiving decorations on the mantle.

Miles was funny. We discussed who was and was not "gross." He officially declared me "not gross." However, he continued, there was one thing I did that was totally gross. Kiss his Dad. That prompted me to kiss his Dad, to his standard response. "Ewwwww!"

Eric poured wine for the grown-ups; Gabby really wanted to taste it. Eric wisely told her that she could try one and only one sip. I give you Gabby's first encounter with alcohol.

I give you Gabby's response to her first encounter with alcohol. I don't think she liked it.

This was only the tip of the response. She also scrubbed her mouth out with a paper towel! :)

There's somewhat of a tradition when I get together with Eric's smaller children. I start taking digital pictures, and Gabby wants to take over. I love digital. Without film images to protect, it's an easy decision to hand the camera off and let her snap away!

The two Mothers and I waiting for dinner to be ready.

Ethan waiting for dinner to be ready. Unlike the rest of us, he is not crazy about Thanksgiving fare. He ate pizza. And was thankful that Eric provided it.

Oh yeah, Garrett prefers pizza too!

Quite the satisfied bunch, don't you think? We are as stuffed here as Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 29.


Anonymous said...

the decorations are beautiful. gabby captured an orb above you in one picture..(She wanted her picture taken too)

I'm so grateful you were able to be there with Eric and the kids and maybe start a new tradition.

Hugs, Hugs and much love to you

Vennie said...

Looks like a good time was had by all, including the "two Moms". It was gracious of you and Eric to arrange all this and include your mothers. It's a healthy thing for the kids, too, regardless of whether or not they ate pizza. (I wasn't a big fan of turkey when I was a kid either. How times change!)

Hope the cimzia after-effects are wearing off--the bad effects, I mean. In any case, you looked great in the picture.



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