Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creations With Heart!

Hi All!

I'm so busy packing up to move that I haven't had time to update this blog. You can see some of the going-on's over at my other blog: www.laura-myweddingblog.blogspot.com

In the meantime, I wanted to bring to you another artist that I've become familiar with, Creations With Heart. Beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices.


This Weeks Featured Artisan is Creations with Heart

I truly enjoy creating jewelry and it\'s a bonus and a pleasure to make it available to you!

I love to create classic and western jewelry that will always fit your style! Gemstones, crystals, pewter and leather are just a few materials I enjoy working with. I\'m a \"dog mom\" so including animals in some of my creations is a must -- I love them so much! A percentage of all animal related purchases is donated to help the animals. It\'s something I like to do to help our furry friends that need and depend on us.

You\'ll see jewelry styles ranging from classic, animal themed, southwest, western and inspirational. My wish is to have my guests smile when they put my jewelry on. When you smile, you feel good!

I hope you enjoy the jewelry I\'ve created and may it bring you joy and happiness


You can find Creations with Heart @

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Creations With Heart

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Twitter Page:






See you all soon!

Monday, July 12, 2010


This week's featured artist on "Share the Love?" ME! Oh my, that's an incredible honor! Thank you!!!!!!!!


This Weeks Featured Artisan is ArtiZen Beads

Truly Unique Creations! You must visit here shop to see for yourself!

You can find ArtiZen Beads at:

Shop URL:


2nd Shop URL:


Website URL:


Twitter Page:


Facebook :





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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sharing the Love

This is my second week as a member of It's Better Handmade, a place where artists and craftspeople unite and help support each other through not only friendship, ideas, and motivation, but also through promotion of each other's shop.  This week, I again share the work of another bead artist.

"How can you do that?"  I've been asked.  "Share the work of the - ahem - competition?"  Well, in fact, I do not believe that the artists I feature are competition.  Each of us, even if we are using the same materials and put out a similar finished product, create something unique that is out of our own creative process.  In addition, I dabble in very intricate and expensive work; where large numbers of small beads and/or leathers are applied in a time-consuming manner.  I always look for the most difficult projects; my mind jumps around a lot and needs a terrible challenge to settle it. 

Other artists create just as beautiful work, but they don't have the same need as I do, therefore their end products - even if it is jewelry - is different than what I do, often at a much more price-conscious retail. 

So I am not worried.  Sometimes you as our client will be prepared to pay a lot of money for something that very few people are making because it's just too hard, but you want something extremely unique and individual.  That's when you will come to me.  But sometimes you want something that is pretty but quick, not hard on the pocketbook, and you will turn elsewhere. 

The way I see it, if you can come to my blog and find both, all the better.  And so, today, I introduce you to Caty Anne's Creations:

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

 This weeks Featured Artisan on Share the Love... Blogger's Unite is 

Caty Ann's Creations

My name is Cathy and I live in NW Ohio. I have been creating jewelry for about 6 years for myself and family members. Each of my pieces are unique. Hope you enjoy my jewelry and acessories as much as I enjoy creating them

You can find Caty Ann's Creations on:



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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dessert for the Fourth

It's time to get back on program again.  I am going to bring a dessert for tomorrow.  In the patriotic theme, it will be a berry salad.  Red Strawberries, Blue Berries (with some blackberries thrown in for good measure), and for the white?  Whipped cream of course!

*   *   *   *   *

Update on Lucy:  Not only did the chocolate not phase her, but there were no - ahem - after effects either.  Everything was as firm and shapely as ever.  Boy was I lucky!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Chocolate Lab

Lucy was "sold" to me as a Black Lab.  She looks like a black lab, and most of the time she acts like one.  But today, she was a Chocolate Lab.  That is because she discovered the 2 cups of chocolate chips that were left over from a picnic and chocolate chip cookie baking of a couple of weeks ago and were intended for cookies I was going to bake for the 4th.  Apparently she likes chocolate.  She ate them all.

I called the vet; I was advised that the "dose" of chocolate she got was probably not lethal, but that they would advise inducing vomiting.  That would be done by forcing about 4 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide down her throat and waiting for the effects.  I watched her, and decided that she was not showing any signs of toxicity, and that she probably didn't need the dose and I didn't need the clean-up.

She is fine.  Maybe a little more animated this evening than normal, but nothing that couldn't be ascribed to a simple sugar high.  I've been assured that there will be massive diahhreah tomorrow morning.  Probably true.  When I go to Slimmons, I intend to lock the carpeted portion of the condo off.

No harm, no foul.  Well, maybe fowl, but nothing that can't be cleaned up with ease.


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