Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Applesauce Pie

A semi-healthy dessert featuring one of my very favorite fruits... Apples!

Start by making the Applesauce. (Note, this pie recipe will also work by buying a jar of your favorite brand.)


1. Peel and Core Apples (For today's recipe, I used six Granny Smith.)

2. Cube and put into pot with about one inch of water.

3. Add sweetner of choice and cinnamon to taste. (I like to use raw sugar.)

4. Boil apples until very soft.

5. Turn off heat, use wisk to turn apples into sauce.

6. Cool.

Applesauce Pie.

1. Start with a pre-fab grahmn cracker crust from the market. (You know, that dried out ol' thing in the pie tin you get in the baking section. Today's creation is a "Keebler" crust and everyone knows that it's the best. Not because it tastes any different than other pre-fab grahmn cracker crusts, but because it's made by elves who live in a hollow tree.)

2. Pour cooled applesauce into crust. Top with more cinnamon if you desire.

3. Refrigerate until liquid in applesauce permeates crust and apple portion is firm.

4. Serve.


hot tamale said...

mmmmm, may I have some more please?

Claudia said...

Yummy! Another Laura creation. Your cooking abilities always amaze me. I need to come back to LA so that you can slave over a hot stove....for me. LOL


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