Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lake Balboa

It's over 100 degrees out today. True to form, like the last time it was so hot out, I went to Lake Balboa to walk. But this time - in deference to the heat - without the dogs.

The lake is an established stop on the migratory route of many kinds of birds. Of course you'll find the standard ducks and geese there, but also more exotic species such as cranes and herons, pelicans and seagulls (what on earth are they doing so far inland?), and all sorts of other birds that I couldn't begin to identify without a birding book. There were people there feeding them... on a Thursday, they're generally hungry and will accept most kinds of food where on a Sunday afternoon when they've spent virtually the entire weekend gorging themselves, they're way more picky. My favorite scene was a mother and daughter with a large flock of geese around them eating Kelloggs Corn Flakes. I was tempted to join the geese as I haven't had a corn flake in many-a-year.

I decided that, without the dogs to slow me down, that I was going to do the circuit twice. That would be an approximately two mile walk and, according to my pedometer, around 300 calories burned. The first circuit was easy... despite the heat I was fresh. But coming round to where my car was parked, I had a momentary flash that I'd rather go home than do it again. I ignored it and forged on.

That's when I realized my mistake. I should have brought a bottle of water along with me and perhaps even an apple. I'll have to remember that the next time. As it was, I opted when I was feeling a little dehydrated, to sit under a tree (farther away from the water and away from the birds who had forsaken the water for the shade of the trees in the midday) and take in the peacefulness.

When I decided to continue, it was lunchtime and there were many groups engaged in picnic activities. A group of seniors from who knows where? A school. A group of school bus drivers. A group of Japanese ladies on a blanket right by the water, eating sushi with chopsticks.

There were also the fitness nuts. Many of them jogged right by me despite the heat, oblivious to it all with their Ipods strapped on their arms. They were all very young and fit.

There were also a lot of pairs of young men filming. In their late teens or early twenties, I couldn't help but think that they must be working on some college project or another. It is, after all, mid May when they would be working on "term papers" and such. With all the entertainment based colleges in Los Angeles, it would make sense that I would run into this kind of activity.

Walking gave me a lot of time to think about physical activity and my future. I'm at a crossroads right now. Trying to decide what is right about my pursuits and what can be improved upon or changed. I know that it's time to shake things up a bit. I also know that although I really liked today's walk, it is not something that I can reasonably expect myself to do on a regular basis. It's too solitary and since I'm home alone a lot of the time any, I crave human contact.

But I'm guessing that I may be able to pursue it a couple of times a week.

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hot tamale said...

10 lashes for you for forgetting your water bottle....hello???
Ok, now thats over, that lake sounds like a place I'd like to visit when I come up. Birds, geese....oh boy rapture!


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