Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Horse meets Cupcake

When you've shown your horse for the second time ever, the second time you've shown in 18 months, the first time you've shown away from your home barn, the first time you've shown in grown-up classes, and turn in a very credible performance, then there's only one thing to do.  Celebrate!

We're all very proud of Gabby for beginning her come-back into the horse show world.  Gabby is very proud of Aladdin.  And we recognize that the two of them are going to be a formidable team to beat.

In this special moment, after her classes were completed, Gabby chose to share a cupcake of celebration with  Aladdin.  He had never eaten a cupcake before.

First Bite... all icing!



Wait.  I need to think about this.

SUGAR!  Pure, unadulterated SUGAR!

I'm supposed to like sugar.  Need to think...

This is not like sugar cubes or peppermints!

Need to think.

                                                                                What the hell?

Please Mom, can I try that again?

C'm on Mom!  I liked it.  I really did.  Can I try it again?

SUGAR!  Diabetic glaze coming over my eyes.

Let me get the icing out from between my teeth.  Then can I have another bite?  


Aladdin actually DID like his cupcake.  He kept going back again and again to eat it all up.  The faces are all about that sugar shock when the first thing you taste is icing.

We love you Aladdin!  We won't try any more new foods on you for a while.  Promise!


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