Friday, November 23, 2007

S'Long old Friend

All I wanted to do was make Stuffed Bell Peppers. Not so much to ask, I didn't think. I even used a base of ground turkey in keeping with the season! Add a cup of Cous Cous, Sun Dried Tomatoes, a couple of eggs, herbs right from my garden (as well as my spice cabinet), and then chop up a bunch of vegetables to round the mixture out.

I went about my business as normal. Gathered up the veggies, made the meat base, and cut the tougher items like onions and carrots into large chunks before putting them into the assembled Food Processor. Pushed the button. And stood back to watch. But to my horror, the blades whirred as normal for a couple of seconds then, even as the motor screamed more loudly, they stopped moving. Leaving my vegetables much as they were when I put them in.

Now don't get me wrong. It's not like this was a new food processor or anything. Anything but, as a matter of fact. It was a Black & Decker a la Target, purchased over a decade ago. And it was the 2nd cheapest one on the shelf. It's served me well for all those years, in the pursuit of vegetables and puree and pie crust. Cuisinart move aside... I didn't have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of value. so why am I complaining?
For two reasons. First, I was forced to chop my vegetables up by hand, resulting not only in larger vegetables that can actually be identified within the ground turkey,

but also, I cannot live the whole weekend without a Food Processor. After all, I have food to process! So I will need to buy a new one post haste. Like tonight or tomorrow. That means braving the crowds at Target during Thanksgiving Weekend. Not just Oy. Oy vey!

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