Saturday, November 3, 2007


It's hard to believe that Halloween has come and gone and it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. Strange... Halloween is one of my favorite holidays but I decided not to take part this year. Thanksgiving is probably the one that I hate the absolute most, yet it appears that I will be attending a celebration. Sometimes life just hands out those twists and turns...

My Pasta Princess outfit went over ok at the Slimmons Halloween Party. Take one package of Plain-wrap elbow maccaroni from Vons (you don't want the brand name because they actually bend and have elbows vs. the plain wrap that is almost straight) and sew it on a pink camisole and a pink tule skirt. Add a headband crown to which you've also sewn pasta and a fairy wand. A costume for the sum total of $2.99 and I've already snipped the pasta off of my clothes and stored it in my pantry in preparation for future consumption. A cheap, recylable costume. Maybe not the most popular or the prettiest, but hey, I dressed.

Had I read Francesca's blog about Halloween first, however, I might have gone in a different direction for my costume.

I may need to whip this little knitting project up in preparation for next year, or scaring the dogs, whichever comes first.

I decided to sit this Halloween out for a couple of reasons. The main one being that I'm having a difficult time getting my weight back under control and I knew that if I brought candy into my home, no matter how disgusting it might be, I'd eat it until I got sick. "One for you, one for me. One for you, two for me. One for you, five for me. And so on and so on." So after talking to my good friend Beth while she handed out candy in Baltimore, I realized it was growing dark here in California and that it was time to shut down. I drew my blinds, let my dogs out for the last time until late that evening, and locked both the patio and the door. And retired to my TV-Studio.

I could hear the kids out there, laughing and giggling and having a good time. I'm sure that had I looked out the window or door, I would have seen tons of them. I could hear the numbers. The point being if I could hear them, so could Cosmos.

Halloween is probably the worst holiday of the year for a dog. Some dogs hate the Fourth of July more, but neither of my boys are fazed by fireworks. So Halloween it is. From their perspective, I can't blame them. People are running up and down their courtyards. Where normally it is quiet, there is tons of traffic. That is enough to require barking. But there is more.

Just when they think they've barked those people into submission, something terrible happens. Monsters of all sizes and shapes, happy and giggling and carrying bags that rattle, knock on their door. The alarm barks grow more frantic. "DANGER!"they bark. "DON'T GO NEAR THAT DOOR!" And of course, Mom (aka me) is so dumb, that I go to the door despite their warning and open it up. Now it's confirmed. There are creatures out there. Unrecognizable. Definitely not human. And these creatures have the nerve to scream and laugh (at the dogs) and demand treats. Mom (aka me) is terrified, of course, and gives them food that could well go to the dogs, just to get rid of them. But she does not remember the next time the dogs hear those terrible monsters climb up the three stairs to our patio and the knock on our door. "DANGER!"the dogs bark..."

* * * * * * * * * *

Even though it's the first weekend of November, the weather is balmy and warm. I am wearing a tank top and considered putting on my shorts. The weather forecasters warned of prevailing Santa Anna Winds this weekend and I was more than a little concerned given the California Fires in the past few weeks. But as it turns out, instead of the 40 to 50 mph winds that they predicted (less than the up-to-90 mph winds of last week), there's barely a breeze. I haven't heard anything about new fires on the news (not that I've turned it on, but I haven't smelled anything either). That's good.

In Southern California, we really don't have a fall. We stay warm until mid-November when it suddenly turns cold. So when Vennie writes from Carbondale, IL about how they're having their first frost, she's having to turn on the dog-water-bowl-warmer unit to keep Madison's water from freezing, and how tomato season is over, I'm fascinated. In Southern California, the same tomato plant can last for several years if properly cared for. And there is never a lack for fresh tomatoes at the Farmer's Market.

So Vennie wrote about how there are still some unripe tomatoes on her vines and it's a shame to pull up the plants and waste the fruit. And how she had heard of a technique where you pull the plant up and suspend it upside down in the garage and although the plant itself dries out, the tomatoes continue to ripen. And she decided to try it for herself.

I don't know about this. I was all encouragement as she flew the idea by us, but now that I've seen this suspended-tomato-plant idea in digital, I'm concerned that it was an idea from outer space. Confirmed by the alien sitting beneath it. Got the cat form right, but you can always tell from the eyes. I've seen Star Trek.

* * * * * * * * * * 
And speaking of Star Trek, Eric and I went to the movies on a date last night. It was a really special evening for me which I am - for the most part - going to keep private and between the two of us. (We saw American Gangster, a movie well worth seeing although not a light evening out.) But during the preliminary trailers, I was very amused to see one for Star Trek.

Now, my last job before becoming part of the disabled community was working at Paramount Pictures in the Home Entertainment division. I signed a confidentiality agreement before taking that position (as I did at all my positions), so I won't say too much about it. But I suppose it's ok to say that Star Trek fans, fanatics, are a different breed. I was bemused, amused, betwixed, and between on numerous occasions when letters about our product and requests from them would occasionally come across my desk. Fortunately, as an Operations person (as opposed to people who's job was to actually communicate with the public), I rarely had to become personally involved. Because I truly believe that there is a network between them out there and what is said-done for one is communicated (probably through their communicators) to all and if I did something for one, everyone would ask for the same from me. They are dedicated...

Anyway, I digress.

We (Eric and I) were watching the trailers and on pops one for the original Star Trek episode "The Menagerie." Apparently it's being released as a stand-alone on DVD. And also being screened at the theaters on November 13th and 15th. At least in Los Angeles.
BRAVO Paramount! I mean it... no sarcasm here. It's a brilliant move. When I was felled by my illness, the studio was on a downward spiral. Clearly there is a change in direction. This is one good idea.

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