Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Art School

Today was my second "China Painting" class. It was lovely. Shelly had baked both my mug and trivet, and they were ready to start painting.

I only added a little color, and the pieces will be kilned again. This process can be repeated over and over and over again until I achieve the effect that I'm looking for. Or until the unit is done. Probably at the end of November.

Sadly for me, Shelly takes the month of December off. I'm already missing the class and I still have four meetings to go.

The Kiln.
Paragon is the maker. Apparently, used small kilns such as this one can be obtained used for around $100. Something to consider when I'm feeling a little flush.

The Colors.
They come as powders, and need to be blended with oil on a ground glass pallet before starting to paint.

The Cup.

The tracing painted over with black outline, kilned and ready to have color added.

First layer of paint added to the cup, and the mermaid starts to take on some life.

And the Mermaid goes into the kiln (along with a piece of Shelly's)...

...while I start to color in the trivet.

Here is a kitty that Shelly started to paint while I was working:

And here is an almost-finished piece that she brought to show us.

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