Sunday, October 28, 2007

From China to Little Tokyo

Yesterday, I talked about my "Painting China" class. Today in keeping with the Asian theme, Eric & I went downtown to visit Little Tokyo.

As with all trips downtown, first we needed to circle around to find a parking spot. Funeral homes attract florists. You know that you are approaching one because of the density of flower shops. The same principles apply to jails. Downtown Los Angeles means the Central Jail. Central Jail means Bail Bondsmen. I was particularly amused by the name of this Bail Bond shop.

Aid and Abeit Bail Bonds. Open 24 Horas. Not hours. Horas. Welcome to Los Angeles. We parked in the shadow of the New Otani Hotel.

Then went shopping at a Japanese Market

where we saw all sorts of unusual foods.
Dried Octoups, anyone?

Or perahps you would enjoy some Octupus in an undefined liquoid. It's "Party Time" according to the packaging.

Octopus not your speed? How about some dried Chili-Power-encrusted squid. The only thing I could understand on the packaging was the word "HOT."

This is a monument of the Challenger Space Shuttle, who carried amongst it's other victims, Ellison Onizuka, the first Japanese-American Astronaut.

The Japanese Garden at the New Otani Hotel.

No visit to Little Tokyo is complete without seeing a Japanese Restaurant (in this case, Ramen) complete with plastic reperesentations of the food served within.

Shopping in the Japanese Village.

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