Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Love Plumbing

The Fab Four went home early Tuesday morning, and the clean up of the condo commenced. It's amazing how much, and at the same time, how little there was to do. The biggest single task for me was to take care of was laundry. Eight loads!!!!! Mostly towels which, of course, are not a big deal to either wash or fold, but eight! I certainly had my work cut out for me.
But then again, there was the kitchen sink. That was a big issue. A couple of days before the gals left, it became plugged up and, not wanting to spoil our last days together while waiting for a plumber, we made do and I let it wait.
The thing is, though, that while Californians will pay a premium to have housing 'by the water,' I don't think that they mean water standing in their kitchen sink with various refuse and sewage floating in it. so almost the moment the gals were gone, I called Robert of I Love Plumbing.
Robert & I go back a long way. I've been in my condo for about 20 years and as Collinwood's official plumber of record, that's how long he's been helping me out. Mostly with my kitchen sink. Mostly because I've put various items down the plumbing that don't belong there. Like raw fish. Like dirt. Like marbles. So I think that the only thing that surprised him when I called was how long it had been between calls. I had been learning over the two decades of our collaberation and hadn't actually stuffed anything down there that didn't belong in a while.
He arrived very quickly with his two sons (who are now working for him), assessed the issue, and took care of it. And caused me a minimum of embarassment during the process!

The first order of business when somebody arrives at my condo who is going to actually work on any aspect is to lock the dogs up. Not in a room behind a closed door because I know what they do to the paint while trying to scratch their way through. Behind a puppy barrier so that they can see who's coming and going, but can't be a nuisance.

Robert watches on while his sons work on my problem.

They are some fine looking young men. They definetely take after their father.

It turned out to be a bigger job than I think that they anticipated because the washers in my pipes were old and had deteriorated.

Eric snoozes in the Living Room while they work.

At last, they get to the root of the problem! It's not a good thing to put avocado skin and brown rice down the disposal at the same time.

All that trouble over only this much refuse.

Look at this! The sink still needs to be scrubbed out, but it's void of water.

Eric is happy because he knows that once the job is done, we're having dinner.

And at last... running water and a clear flowing drain.

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