Monday, October 29, 2007

Doctor Pumpkin

Ian & I have a tradition going back to his first Halloween, that I will come to his home and help him carve his pumpkin. Tonight was Pumpkin Carving Night, 2007.
Ian is fascinated by mathematics and Pi. In fact, he can recite Pi to the 30th decimal. This year, Ian is going as "The Pi Chef" for Halloween. Note that there is both Pi and Pie on his apron.

Meet Fishy the Goldfish. He started out as a 10 cent fish. He grew.

Carrying the pumpkin to the carving station.

No way is Ian allowing that pumpkin goop to touch his hands. He's had an aversion to that since his first carving. But these days, he'll help remove the guts if he can wear latex gloves.

"Dr. Pumpkin"

Drawing the face on the Pumpkin.

Is it an Image or a Likeness?

Doing the Pumpkin Scoop!

Gobs and Gobs of greasy, grimy pumpkin guts!

There's something in my eye.


Who's smiling at who?

Hamie the hamster likes both fresh pumpkin and pumpkin seeds.

Ian demonstrates how to tie shoes.

Ta daaaaa!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!

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