Thursday, October 18, 2007

Catching My Breath

My home is awfully lonely without the Fab 4 here. It does leave me with opportunity to catch up on things left undone, though. Let's start with e-mails.
I get some 200 mails a day. Some of the backlogged, like all the offers from Freecycle could be immediately deleted. As could many of the advertisements. But then again, there are some stores where they needed to just be filed for reference in a few days. Like the ones from Borders Books or JoAnne's Crafts, or Coldwater Creek that contain discount coupons. Even if I never redeem them, it's the inner cheapskate in me that insists that I save them until they expire or even after that.
Of course, I have to read and respond to the personal e-mails I received. I'm getting a lot more since Richard's Retreat. Many of the webbies are now feeling comfortable enough with me to write and that's just fine by me. And there are mails from long-standing friends.
I think that one of the favorites that I found was from Trish. I LOVE Trish! The first time I met her, we were in Eugene, Oregon at Black Sheep Gathering. She was standing in the middle of a Sheep Pen, all dressed up in a silk dress, a big blingy spider gemstone pin, and a Tiara. She was EmC-ing the Spinners Lead; a kind of fashion show for people who spin their own yarn and make garments out of them and show them off leading the animals from which their garment originated. (i.e. Wool garment wearers led sheep, Mohair led goats, etc.) She was completely at ease with herself, blythly stating "I just love the bling." while standing in about a foot-deep mixture of shavings and sheep poo.
Anyway, Trish wrote - having read my "Leaping Lizards" post - about my lizard.

Having had two younger brothers interested in all things crawling (not far from my interests either) I can tell your lizard is a native "Blue Belly" if you noticed by turning him/her over either side of it would have been indigo blue. Hence "Blue Belly" I've not the faintest what the proper name of him is. Way to go, so glad it wasn't of the rodent variety! Here in rural Oregon we have all sorts of "visitors" I found a banana slug on the fireplace last week, that's gross.
Monks have long linen gowns that they wear, some wear hair shirts too! Gross and itch.
Trish, I can honestly state that it never occured to me to turn the gosh-darned lizard over to look at it's stomach. But you don't know how much better I feel knowing that it's indigenous to the area and I probably did the right thing in releasing it.

And now I know what Monks wear to bed. How, on earth, did you know that? Or do I really want to know your source?
By the way, I've had both rats and mice at various points in my life. The rats I did not enjoy. But my mouse in my apartment on Reseda Blvd? I left food out for him once I realized he was visiting. He lived a long mousey life and - to my knowledge, did not reproduce.
* * * * * * I hate housework. I don't mind laundry so much, but I do despise the folding and putting away of the same.

So there is still a pile of laundry to be done from the Fab 4's visit because the laundry cart has been holding the same bundle of clean items for about two days now.

I have to assess the food situation too, because Sunday is Farmer's Market day. The Fab 4 left so much food behind that it was impossible to get through it. It's spoiling now, and I need to clean the refrigerator out so that I know what to buy. Of course, I just don't feel like dealing with the mold either, so instead of addressing the issue at hand, I straightened out my pantry.

I did get quite a bit of work done on a necklace that I started last Sunday during Richard's Radio Show. I'm not sure what the other attendants at the event thought of my crafting, but honestly, I can't sit through all of that misery without having my hands and mind partially occupied. I'd fall to pieces if I wasn't working on something. So here is where I am currently at with that:

I need to buy more dog food... I've been out of the canned for two days now. I can tell you with great authority that 100% of the dogs surveyed enjoy canned Tuna over their dried dog food. But even with Costco quantites of canned Tuna, this can't go on for very much longer.
I've balanced my check book; I need to pay my bills now.
And then there is the question that seems to be on so many people's mind. What am I having for dinner? I'm flabbergasted at how interesting my food is to others! But in case you're not just trying to pretend that I'm interesting to keep me happy, I'll tell you that tonight's meal consisted of Grilled (on my George Foreman Grill) Orange Roughy with "Moondance Marinade", Beet Salad, and Eggplant that was brushed with Olive Oil, sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese, then broiled.

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