Friday, June 26, 2009

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Because I know Funny When I See It

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Scratching the Surface

One of my doctor's appointments was with the Eye Doctor. That happened yesterday afternoon late. I've been very concerned as my sight seemed - even wearing my prescription glasses... especially when wearing my prescription glasses - to be diminishing at a very rapid rate. I had mentioned this to other doctors who had reacted with cautious alarm. After all, Cimzia is an anti-TNF medication. Permanent eye sight loss is a risk when taking it.

So upon arrival, the usual protocol ensues. The nurse (or whatever she is) came into the room and had me read the eye chart with my glasses on. I couldn't see it! This, of course, confirmed my worst fears. Yes, she admitted, there is a sharp decrease in function since last year. She'll call Dr. Katzin in now to see me.

Dr. Katzin is a very nice man with whom I barely have a relationship. My eyes, fortunately, have not been much of a problem other than standard middle-aged deterioration, so I'm on a once-a-year rotation with him and this was only my second visit ever.

So he comes in and has me put my head into the usual device. "Read the letters. Is the image sharper with this lens or with that? With this one or with that one?" i answered the questions dutifully, and soon he pronounced that my eyes had not changed much at all over the last year. "Very good!" he said.

"But I can't see!" I replied. What about the fact that I can't see much of anything even when wearing my glasses. And he admitted that there was a sharp delineation between the results of his test and that of what his nurse had recorded. "Let me see your glasses" he replied.

He put them under some kind of microscope and peered into it. And then turned to me in surprise. "These glasses are more scratched up than any pair I've ever seen in my career!" he exclaimed. "What on earth have you been doing to them? No wonder you can't see!!!!"

I just shrugged. "I'm kind of hard on stuff."

And so the mystery of my dimming eyesight was solved. After I was dismissed, which was quickly, although not until I had the standard dilation, I went across the street to "Cedars View Optics" and ordered new glasses.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Why haven't I been blogging? I'm starting to get questions about my status via e-mail and phone messages, so I'm sitting down to write briefly right now.

Something is happening to me that's imparing my mental/emotional ability to focus. I feel like I'm having an intellectual slip, but it's, according to my Therapist, more likely physical in nature and easily treatable.

I'm doing crazy things like leaving my home and driving over the hill without my purse, putting things down where they don't belong, and then not being able to find them. Losing things... a beaded purse and a beaded bracelet - both very expensive items - out of my inventory of finished product. And not just lost in my home where I'll find them. Lost in public places when I shouldn't have brought them along in the first place.

I'm unable to sustain any kind of food or exercise program, even as I know what I should be doing as I deviate.

The craziest part of all of this is that I can't seem to get off the mark with most of my projects, but when I finally do get something done, the final outcome is still up to my normal standards. Like I said, it's nuts.

My appointments with doctors over the next five days are numerous. One today. Two tomorrow. Another next Monday and yet another next Tuesday. Dr. M-, my Therapist, has agreed to take an active role as advocate during this round of appointments to be sure that they are not only taking my complaints seriously, but don't write me off as a mental case. And he's also going to ensure that they are talking to each other.

With all of this going on, something had to give, and I chose to let it be my blog. Sorry. I'll be back, and hopefully soon. And I have so much to tell you about.

1.) My new hair.
2.) My new make-up.
3.) My garden make-over (very much still in progress).

4.) My dogs - who are both still with us, thank you for caring.
5.) My diet, or lack thereof.
6.) The Slumber Party of 4 (the miniature Fab 4, so to speak) that I had at my home a couple of weeks ago.
7.) Miles's Birthday Party and Inky the Squid.

8.) Breathing Helium.
9.) Warner Center Concerts in the Park
10.)My jewelry, and whole new classes of product that I'm making.

So you see, it's not for lack of intent or subject matter. But for now, please bear with me. I'm doing the best I can, but I have to take care of myself first and foremost, and definitely before the Blog.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A New Computer!

Yes, it's finally happened... Eric installed my new computer! Never mind the fact that I've just jumped about 8 years in software and technology. Never mind the fact that I don't have a clue how to open up the files from my old computer (piggybacked onto the new) nor can I figure out a myriad of other issues that are sure to turn out to be as simple as can be.

I open it, it opens. I type on it, it types! I search for a new web page, and OMG! it's there is seconds instead of minutes (or hours)!

The rest will work itself out for sure. I only hope that I can figure out how to get to my food sheets before I forget all the good (and bad) choices I've made since last evening.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are Foot Issues Social Diseases?

I didn't really want to go to the Podiatrist. Yes, I knew I was in trouble and the issue was escalating, but in my world, getting diagnosed with yet another issue is frustrating, especially because a lot of things can't be treated (read both knees still need surgery but I'm not medically cleared for anything even remotely elective) and what's the point of finding out yet more is wrong?

But Claudia was in a funk about her Plantar Faciatis and to induce her to do the right thing and get it seen and hopefully treated, I suggested that if she make an appointment with her Podiatrist, I would do the same here. I knew that my Neuroma was bothering me again (that wasn't supposed to be an issue ever again after the surgery), and that I thought I was getting heel spurs too. So what the hell? If it would get Claudia to get her issues looked at, I could stand to go through some X-rays and maybe get a shot of Cortisone in my Neuroma and maybe even some new Orthotics. I could deal.

But I should have known from Claudia's way more devastating diagnosis that it portended bad things for me too, and canceled the appointment. I didn't. I went in like a trooper because we "fucking agreed" and made my report to Dr. Kahlor - who is still absolutely gorgeous and glamorous and thin even though she just had a baby... the bitch. And she's smart and nice too. That makes me hate her even more, even as I can't help but like her. A lot.

Well, the Neuroma has grown back. Unusual, but not unheard of. Then we did X-rays. Guess what we found? Heel spurs, but also Planter Faciatis in my left foot, and Planter Faciatis / borderline Tarsal Tunnel Syndromein my right. I haven't said much to anyone about my foot pain up until now (dealing with knee and hip stuff which I also don't discuss much) but now I get to complain just a little. Ok?

This morning, I had two cortisone shots in my right heel. I had one cortisone shot in my left heel. I had one Alcohol shot in my left foot between the third and fourth toes. I was given great big giant boots which I get to strap on and wear "when I'm watching TV and when I'm sleeping." And I get to repeat the entire injection process in two weeks, and then again every two weeks for a maximum of 10 shots.

If what I has does not resolve, I am a candidate for surgery. Yeah, right. I'll schedule it right after I schedule the surgery for my right knee and then my left knee, both of which were deemed necessary about 18 months ago if I am ever cleared medically to have them.

Claudia, I'm screwed too. And now I'll admit it. I can't deal. I just can't deal

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Food Sheet 101

I've been keeping my Food Sheets (Journals) for a week now. The first couple of days, they weren't so accurate. After all, it's been a while since I've recorded what I ate, and remembering what I consumed and getting it logged in was not a habit anymore. It's an unsettling feeling to know that you ate something maybe an hour or so ago, and not remember what it is that you put in your mouth. If I couldn't remember what - exactly - it was, I certainly wasn't able to accurately record it.

But old habits seem to be coming back to me. I've kept good records since last Saturday, and kept them without any tinge of guilt about what I was eating. That's not to say that they did not influence my choices. I can't say that they kept me from consuming anything I felt I really needed, but they did make me more mindful of my choices.

I don't think it was an accident that I fell into an old habit and went to the Farmer's Market on Sunday, then came home and pre-prepared foods (spaghetti sauces and various salads) and also chopped/peeled/cubed vegetables to be used later in my meals. It helped to do that, too. There's nothing like coming home from an exercise class hungry as all get-out, only to remember when I poke my head into the fridge to go foraging, that there is already a salad in there waiting just for me. A much healthier choice than the sandwich (or maybe just the bread) that I would have gone for if nothing was ready.

By the same token, I looked at what I am doing last night. Bread is still my nemesis. There's no question that I am a volume eater, and probably will always be one. Most of what I am consuming is fine in my book, but over the last five days, I've eaten maybe 2000 calories in foods that weren't efficient choices. I highlighted them in purple on my food sheets just to be sure at what I am looking at. I have a problem.

It's not just the choices themselves, but the reason that I eat them. So many people say that they don't know why they eat certain foods or junk foods. I say to that, "bullshit!" We know why we eat them. There's a pay-off. When I eat bread, there's an instant mood elevation that few other things will give me. When I eat sugar or candy, it's the same. Never mind that the long term implications are not good and after a few minutes, I may regret what I did. It's like being a drug addict. Certain foods just make me feel good, and feel good immediately. Furthermore, some of them have a lingering effect. It isn't until the next morning when I get on the scale that I might really regret my choices.

So now it comes down to this. First, do what I said before. Practice patience. It may take some time to resolve this dilema, but with diligence, everything can be solved. Second, figure out what foods might be substituted for the "quick fix" substances that may work almost as quickly as bread on my mind, but not carry the same calorie impact. I know that they're out there... they have to be. It's just a matter of trial and error - and maybe some more pre-preparation of food - before I figure them out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Doggie Handbook, Chapter 11: The Bed, Paragraph 11

Once you have established that the master bed in your home belongs to you and not your subservient human, it is time to understand sleeping protocol. Upon entry onto the throne, proceed directly to the center. Scratch at the covers several times to ensure that they are mussed to your satisfaction. It is permissible to turn in little circles - always to the right - during this process. After this step, turn - again to the right - a minimum of three circles and then settle down with a moan of satisfaction. However, you must, and I repeat you MUST ensure that you are in the direct center of said bed, and that your position is horizontal (at a 90 degree angle) to that preferred by your humans. If they wish to join you in the bed, they may arrange themselves around your position of preference at your pleasure. Or they may sleep on the sofa.


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