Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are Foot Issues Social Diseases?

I didn't really want to go to the Podiatrist. Yes, I knew I was in trouble and the issue was escalating, but in my world, getting diagnosed with yet another issue is frustrating, especially because a lot of things can't be treated (read both knees still need surgery but I'm not medically cleared for anything even remotely elective) and what's the point of finding out yet more is wrong?

But Claudia was in a funk about her Plantar Faciatis and to induce her to do the right thing and get it seen and hopefully treated, I suggested that if she make an appointment with her Podiatrist, I would do the same here. I knew that my Neuroma was bothering me again (that wasn't supposed to be an issue ever again after the surgery), and that I thought I was getting heel spurs too. So what the hell? If it would get Claudia to get her issues looked at, I could stand to go through some X-rays and maybe get a shot of Cortisone in my Neuroma and maybe even some new Orthotics. I could deal.

But I should have known from Claudia's way more devastating diagnosis that it portended bad things for me too, and canceled the appointment. I didn't. I went in like a trooper because we "fucking agreed" and made my report to Dr. Kahlor - who is still absolutely gorgeous and glamorous and thin even though she just had a baby... the bitch. And she's smart and nice too. That makes me hate her even more, even as I can't help but like her. A lot.

Well, the Neuroma has grown back. Unusual, but not unheard of. Then we did X-rays. Guess what we found? Heel spurs, but also Planter Faciatis in my left foot, and Planter Faciatis / borderline Tarsal Tunnel Syndromein my right. I haven't said much to anyone about my foot pain up until now (dealing with knee and hip stuff which I also don't discuss much) but now I get to complain just a little. Ok?

This morning, I had two cortisone shots in my right heel. I had one cortisone shot in my left heel. I had one Alcohol shot in my left foot between the third and fourth toes. I was given great big giant boots which I get to strap on and wear "when I'm watching TV and when I'm sleeping." And I get to repeat the entire injection process in two weeks, and then again every two weeks for a maximum of 10 shots.

If what I has does not resolve, I am a candidate for surgery. Yeah, right. I'll schedule it right after I schedule the surgery for my right knee and then my left knee, both of which were deemed necessary about 18 months ago if I am ever cleared medically to have them.

Claudia, I'm screwed too. And now I'll admit it. I can't deal. I just can't deal


Summer said...

Oh my! (((hugs)))

janet said...

You never do things halfway, do you? Geesh! I totally feel your pain, having PF in my right heel. I totally understand not wanting to go to the Dr for yet more bad news. The (non-existent) Spousal Unit hates to go right before a trip because he sees no point in getting a "bad report card" when there is nothing to be done about it. {{{{BIG HUGS}}}}


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