Feature Presentation!

February 1, 2011
My "Grumpy Gramps" Cabechon Pendant necklace was featured on the Quality Cords Blog (see link) by Norma of "Quality Cords" on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/QualityCords) She's currently on vacation but should be back in business shortly. Norma makes and supplies necklace cords of any type made by hand, one-by-one. What a pleasure to find a source of cords that are high quality and made right here in America by a small business. I expect I will be contacting her to explore a business connection shortly, and if you have a pendant that you need a cord for, I'd suggest you take a look. She's found a niche that's a terrific idea!
Please go see "Grumpy Gramps"  and other wonderful pendants by various artists at The Many Faces of Pendants, and then you might want to consider checking Norma's whole blog out.  She has a wealth of information there for even those of us who are not making jewelry.  The main page of her "Quality Cords" blog is at http://www.qualitycords.blogspot.com/


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