Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eating my way to Thin

Now that I've returned from the hell of holiday eating, I'm reminded of how good it is to eat well. In fact, last night at exercise class, others were noting how much more energy I seemed to have. My immediate response was that I've started eating healthy again. And I realized that it was true.

Upon getting home from class, it was time for dinner. First I "Pam" sauteed mixed vegetables. I had Asparagus which I cut down into 1" pieces, broccoli, red bell pepper, carrot, onion, and celery. I did add - for the whole pan - 1 TB of lemon flavored olive oil, salt, and pepper for taste. Because Lucy at HMR has clearly taught us that cooking al dente allows more nutrients to be passed from vegetables into our bodies, I didn't cook the veggies limp as I am normally prone to doing.

By the way, brussels sprouts (I half or quarter them depending on their size) are also excellent in this pan mix.

Vegetables cooked, I allowed them to cool just a little, then added mixed fresh greens. I love to buy various lettuce mixes from my local farmers markets, but I have to say that Costco carries a one that absolutely rocks!

Then, no more than 2 TB of dressing is added (choose I use full-force dressing and that is my fat for the day)...

And toss the mixture. You do not need a whole lot of dressing in this salad because the vegetables carry so much flavor in and of themselves.

Then, out came the ol' George Foreman Grill.

And filets of pre-marinated Orange Roughy Filets were cooked.

Add 1/3 cup of Cous Cous to this meal and voila! A well balanced dinner which kept me full and satisfied for the rest of the night.

Although Cosmos spends all night with me in 'his' bed, after he leaves in the morning, it doesn't take Sunny much time to jump in and keep his spot warm.

It's hard to believe that this dog is my tough boy.


Anonymous said...

I've never had orange roughy what do they taste like? Is it like cod or halibut?

Adele said...

You may be eating your way to thin, but today I'm just eating. Thought I'd tell you about my dinner. It's Friday, so I'm tired from the week. It's rough the first week back from Winter Break. The fact that the students are also back doesn't help. Anyway, I started with some old pita. I decided to make some pita chips, so I took pita triangles, and tossed them with a very light coating of olive oil in which italian herbs and lots of garlic had been added. I put them in the oven and timed them for the same amount of time I used for croutons. It smelled good for awhile. The timer rang and I opened the oven door. I had black triangles. Mmmmm. At least my garbage can thought so. I pulled out some more pita from the freezer and let it thaw out naturally. I then made baba ganoush with an eggplant that has been asking me to eat it for a week. It came out well. I hope it also comes out of my fancy white blouse on which it splattered. I then chopped up some apples, tossed with a little sugar and lots of cinnamon. Put it in the oven, then gave the timer to Steve while I picked up Ian. Steve pulled them out on time and they didn't burn. Came home, argued with Ian about how he's the great unwashed and MUST take a shower. Warmed up leftover cheese pizza and week and a half old Olive Garden bread stick for him. Oh no, I'm tired and I didn't plan a protein. I had egg on my face, so I scrambled it. Dinner served. I know... no salad. But I had a big one for lunch. Doesn't it all just sound so appetizing?


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