Sunday, January 20, 2008

Perusing with the Pelicans

Eric & I made a day of it today. I wish I had my camera to record it but, alas, it is broken and on it's way back to Fuji for repair or maybe even replacement. The good... wait, great news is that it was still under warranty. Now, I have no doubt that something I did caused it go go bad because that is my history with anything mechanical. I'm hard on stuff that way. But the fact is that I never dropped it, never put it through the laundry via my pants pocket, never did anything that could be considered directly abrasive to it. So I'm figuring that they will honor the deal. Especially because I live in California and apparently this state is tough on things like that.

All that being said, again, it hurts not to be able to photograph what I am actually seeing on my adventures. The good news is that we went to a local tourist spot - the Redondo Beach Pier - and there are a lot of pictures of it on the internet that I can grab and insert here. Yes, it really looks like this:

Without the writing in the sky, of course.

The funny thing is that these guys were really there today, walking on the pier. We could get right up to them... within touching distance. As wild pelicans, they do not approve of being pet, of course, but people were able to make contact and they didn't try to fly away. They did try to bite, though.

Pelican. Fresh from the sea. I wonder if they taste like chicken or just like Chicken of the Sea?


Vennie said...

I wanna go there! Can we put it on the itinerary for May? Please, huh, pretty please? Can we, can we, can we?

delimom said...

Hi Laura, You came down to my territory. We do not live too far from Redondo Pier and we attend concerts there during the summer and the fireworks on the 4th of July. There is a boardwalk section too down some steps where there is a fish market and some little shops and bars and even a little Greek cafe.

One of our favorite walking places is along the strand above the beach next to the homes and condos..We can walk my dog there and still hear the sound of the surf and enjoy the sunsets and feel at peace.

You can do whale watching if you drive a little further to the Palos Verdes Interpretive Center. we have a couple of lighthouses in our area too....



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