Saturday, January 26, 2008

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night...

Ah yes, I know today's title is the standard for every "terrible first paragraph" contest ever created, but it's also a fact here in Tarzana (Los Angeles Suburb). Rather than a normal storm, tonight feels more like somebody is standing just outside of my window, throwing buckets of water against it. The weather forecasts all predicted a 20-year rain event tonight through tomorrow; it seemed impossible this morning as it was bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky. But apparently, Fritz (Coleman from NBC) got it right.

Dogs are not in favor of rain. I think I've blogged about it here before, but it stands repeating. They don't like it at all. It's become a real battle of wills to get them outdoors to take care of business when the sky is misbehaving. Tonight was no exception.

Cosmos, who used to be my bad boy when it came to the issue of being fully housebroken, has been somewhat docile about the affair. Once outside, he gives me a glance over his shoulder through the screen door, and then proceeds down the one step on my patio and makes his way to my small patch of earth. Takes care of business, and then is ready to come back inside.

Sunny, however, is a different matter. This is the first year that he has vehemently objected to going outside in inclement weather. I don't know if it's because he's old (so is Cosmos) or whether it's more to be blamed on his lack of undercoat. He decided, mid December, that it was a great time to shed. I have to physically force him out the door, then he huddles against the screen without doing anythng at all until I let him in. He won't even let Cosmos under the overhang when he's there.

Once inside, both wet dogs proceed under their own volition, directly to the "Dog Drying Station." Cosmos, this year, seems to be the dog with more of a sense of humor. Sunny is just miserable; standing by in a huddle until I take a towel down and remove the offending water from his back.
I love drying Cosmos off with a 101 Dalmatian towel. It's a pity that it's threadbare and doesn't do a very good job.
Tonight's storm is supposed to hang around into Monday, then we are expecting warmer weather until Wednesday when yet another round of rain is predicted.
Wet dogs are miserable and misery loves company. Now that everyone has been "processed" and are only damp, they've put themselves into my (our) bed for a good roll on the down comforter and a nice night's sleep.

And me? I left an internet chat about 30 minutes ago because the lights have been flickering and I'm afraid of a power failure while I'm on the computer. I suppose I should really sign off now and power down. Gather my candles and matches. Take a hot bath. And call it a night.

Good night!


Anonymous said...

You poor things. I keep seeing the weather report for down there, and wondering if the dogs are feeling a little drowned. Stay dry and warm.

Beth said...

I say build an ark!!! You already have a good start on the two of each kind animals!!!

hot tamale said...

Your doggies aren't the only one's not liking all this rain. I guess its better than snow?!?!!
The wind woke me up saturday night, thought I was hearing a train coming....I woke up realizing Ive heard that means "tornado" in certain parts of the world. LOL Well not exactly a tornado in San Diego, But it was awfully windy and scary. Took down trees and blew everything everywhere. Ahhhh, wasn't there a song, It never rains in California??? ha ha yeah right! Stay dry


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