Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On Being A Dog: A "Cosmos" Post

I love to Blog (I have a much wider audience than by e-mailing my immediate friends). There are times that I must Blog about my Mom, especially when she makes a fool (I almost typed food) out of herself.

I am a dog and being thus distinguished, there are some things that are simply apparent.

I will eat any food so long as it is not fruit or vegetable.
I like to sleep a lot.
I like to go for walks every day. They give me opportunity to pick up my pee-mail.
And I enjoy passing copious amounts of gas.

The thing about people is that they think they don't like my gas. Mom included. She complains of course, but underneath her negative commentary is a sense of relief. You see, she passes gas too and thank God for me. She can blame it on me when her friends are over.

Last night, she thought she really had me. She ate curry in her dinner and was thus affected. She tooted and tooted the whole night long. I overheard her laughing about it with her friends, and I even heard her say that she got "revenge' upon me.

She just never get's it. She doesn't understand. I am a dog. I love all things disgusting.

I live for curry farts.


Anonymous said...

ROFL..Thanks for the post Cozie

hot tamale said...

had to laugh at curry farts....boy Cosmo, you and I would get along wonderfully. I too love to fart and dont see what the big stink is all about either stink, ha ha get it?
hope we meet and compare someday. I'd love to take you on a walk, hopefully in the rain so you can show off your couture


Beth said...

This comment is from Oliver - yup Mom did it again! Left me alone with the computer!!

Cosmos - Farts are funny, farts are nice!!! Farts make you feel good!!

Love - Cousin Oliver


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