Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bar Mitzvah!

Well, today was not usual business for me. Normally on a Saturday, I would get up, stumble around the condo for a little while (somewhere in there getting the dogs outside and fed), fall back into bed again for 20 more minutes, then get up, showered and dressed for exercise class.

Leave around 9:30am for the 10:30 class. Would be at Slimmons through around 12:30, then come home and putter around.

But today was special. I was going to a Bar Mitzvah.

Now I can't say that I was particularly excited about it. Having skipped the whole kid thing into my early 50s, I suddenly find myself involved with Eric, the single custodial parent of 4. Ages 6 - 13. That means that they are of an age that their friends are being Bar Mitzvahed. And he is expected to attend. Now that we're serious and 'out,' so am I. I wasn't exactly grumbling about it last night when he stopped by for dinner, but I still let it into the conversation that if he questioned that I loved him, he was to remember that I was going to this thing today.

You need to understand. Today's event was in honor of Jason, the son of Lori & Bob who I had Thanksgiving with. They are exceptionally nice people, but this was only the second time I've met them. So let's see... both meetings on very significant days. Oy. And I barely know them. Oy. But I actually didn't have an issue with it, surprisingly enough. I'm starting to recognize my role in all of this, and also, I did make Eric that bolero tie to wear.

The ceremony was nice. At Lebec, I immediately recognized their parking lot as the overflow parking for the Getty Center. I had no idea that it was anything other than that though. The synagogue was nice. As most synogogues are, it was furnished simply. I did choose the right outfit for the event which was a relief. What do I know about Bar Mitvahs and dressing for Jewish Events? And when I would press Eric about what was appropriate, all he did was moan about how he was required to wear a suit.

I was intrigued by the Ark. (Where the Torah is stored.) The area was enclosed by a set of floor-to-ceiling double doors and when the torah was revealed, the lighting inside was such that it looked like God himself beaming down. They opened and shut the doors to the Ark a couple of occasions. What I really want(ed) to know was if the light worked like a refrigerator light. Did it go out when the doors were closed? And if yes, how do you know for sure? I certainly hope it didn't work on a switch. It just seems like it is wrong to be able to turn God on and off so simply.

The reception was classically Jewish. That is to say, extremely nice and well done. At Duke's in Malibu, it was a pleasre that the rain that was forcasted for the whole day disipated and we could enjoy the ocean view. I did pretty well in the food department. Yes, I'm over on calories for the day, but not nearly so much as I could have been, so I'm happy. And the official season of eating has now drawn to a close.

The best part, though, was maybe a 45 minutes into the reception. There were the opening speeches and everyone (almost, except Eric & I didn't although Garrett did) danced the Hora(ble). Then, when that was over, the DJs called the "old people" onto the floor so that they could teach us a dance that "all the kids would already know." I went out immediately, and when I caught Eric's eye (he was with - I think - Lori in ernest discussion over something-or-other), I crooked my finger and made it clear that I would like it if he joined me. And he, being the good sport that he is, did!!!!!

I explained the dance to Beth this evening on the phone.
  • Take 3 steps to the right.
  • Take 3 steps to the left.
  • Take 3 steps to the back.
  • Hop twice!
  • Do the Cha Cha Cha.
  • Wiggle your butt!

She tells me that it's the Charlie Brown, whatever that means. What I do know for sure is that my man is a winner and it's not just me that thinks it. At the end of the dance, which he did the whole way through even though Garrett was on the sidelines alternating between an open-mouth gawk and hysterical giggles at his father wiggling his behind, the DJ's had taken notice. Pulled him out in front of the entire crowd (a really big one) and gave him a prize for being the most 'outstanding dancer' on the floor!

The price was a miniscule flash player for computers. Antiquated equipment that was awarded to the CIO - Director of Technology at UCLA - lol! But it doesn't matter. That wasn't the point. The point was that he won.

Eric won. And I have given him his marching orders. He won a prize... a trophy so to speak. He is to take that flash player home and put it on his mantle because everyone knows that when you win a trophy, you need to display it prominently on your mantle for all to see.

Here is my man wearing his bolero and holding his prize. I'm so proud!

Post Script # 1 - Within 45 minutes of arriving home, it has started to pour rain.
Post Script # 2 - I have talleyed my caloric intake for the day including the vegetarian salad that I just ate for dinner. I really didn't do badly at all, all things considered.
Post Script # 3 - As I came into my patio gate, I learned that Cosmos was not only willing to now sleep on the living room sofa in it's new position, but had figured out that he could stand on his hind legs with his front propped on the window sill to get a really good look at what is going on outside of his window.
Post Script # 4 - We stopped at Home Depot on the way home from the Bar Mitzvah. I now am the proud owner of a 'Badger 5.' That would be a new garbage disposal. Of course, it still needs to be installed and it may take another week or two for me to call Robert.... that will be for another blog post.


Anonymous said...

yahoo for Eric..Congratulations. hope you were able to stay dry after coming home.

Hugs to you all

hot tamale said...

I want to order one for my man Laura...Eric looks thrilled to have won ;) mazel tov on your day!


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