Monday, January 7, 2008

Mr. Tea

Well, I've finally done it. I've started drinking tea.

I'm not sure exactly who the enabler was. Or who they are. I know that a lot of people around me drink the stuff. Vennie... who had me bring it into my home during the Fab 4 retreat and then did not use it. Eric, who has recently taken it up in lieu of some of his coffee breaks. Adele, who uses it to warm herself up during her 'nutrition' break at work.

Maybe it was Shelly, my teacher at Stitch Cafe, who's last unit before we took our holiday break was china painting and we made a mug.

I succumbed to peer pressure. I kept hearing and hearing and hearing about tea. And it was in my home. So I tried it. "Good Earth" tea. With 1 tsp raw sugar. And it wasn't disgusting.

I can't say that I'm wild about it at this point. I can't even say that it fills me up. But it gives me an excuse to use a little sugar. Operative word being little. Enough to take care of a sweet tooth while, at only 20 calories per tsp, not enough to do any damage to my diet. And so I guess I'm now a tea drinker.

At least I don't keep cats too. At least yet.

Boy, I've loved getting feedback on my posts. Hearing what you have to say is reassuring, gratifying, and at times absolutely hilarious. If you're reading and don't know how to reply, it's easy. Just put your cursor over the word 'comment' just under this post and double click with the left mouse button. You will come to a page that you can put your reply in and send it back for the world to hear.

And then, there's the e-mail function. Did you know that the white box to the right of Comment stands for e-mail? If you see a post that is particularly pertinent to somebody's life, think it's funny and good for a giggle or three, makes you mad and you just want to blast me to pieces, or whatever, all you have to do is click the button and send it to your receipient of choice. For Free!

If things go best case, your friend will be really happy with you for turning her/him on to something that relates to their life and I will get a new reader. Win Win Win! So go on, give it a try. What could it hurt?

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hot tamale said...

One lump or two? Oh boy, when can we get together for a "grown up" tea party???


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