Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Down the Drain

Call me crazy. Ok, shut up, don't call me crazy! But I love looking at stuff at Home Depot. I love the warehouse feeling, stuff piled up to the roof. Stuff who's purpose is obvious and stuff that I haven't a clue what it's purpose is. It's something that I used to share with my Dad... just looking around to see what we could see.

I also have a philosophy. That brands of products available at Home Depot but not at markets are better than name brand ones of the same purpose. The same exploring sense of adventure gets me to try them much the same way as I am always trying new foods. More often than not, it's worked out well. After all, who would have ever heard of "Once and Done" floor cleaner without Home Depot? And that stuff takes everything - dog grease and refuse, old flowers from outside, dirt, kitchen dirt, etc. off of my tile floor. And leaves just enough of an amonia scent for me to know that it's done it's job, but not enough to be offensive. A remarkable product which I endorse whole heartedly.

My master bathroom sink's drain runs slow. It's been like that for years. In fact, it's been like that for so long that I don't know if it was like that when I moved back home after the rebuild with brand new plumbing, or if I jammed it up shortly after I got back home. But no question but it is annoying.

Periodically I go through a "I'm gonna get that drain clear" phase with it's attendant douses of Liquid Plummer or Drano. Actually, they are both good products, so I'm not going to slam them here. I've noted actual and real improvement once using them although the drain has never drained as fast as the water runs from the spout. After using them, I've sworn to myself that I would get on a regular maintenance program of Drano, but alas, I am not as good about that as I am about my exercise.

So it came to be that my drain has been running slower and slower and slower. And I finally eve started thinking that it was time to do something about it again. And about the same time - last Sunday, Eric & I went to Home Depot.

I was there to get a new lock for my mailbox key and hadn't even thought about the drain, but there, right on the end of the aisle, was a whole display of products that swore that it would make it run clear. Including a brand that I had never heard of before. Zep Heavy Duty Drain Opener. "Opens grease-clogged drains. Professional GUARANTEED Results." And even a brief comment in spanish: "destapacanos para obstrucciones pesadas." Obstrucciones pesadas? Does that mean pesky obstructions? I was sold.

Reviewing the instructions, I noted that it required me to pour 16 oz slowly into drain. Wait 15 minutes, then flush with hot water.

I didn't know exactly how much 16 ounces were, but figured 1/2 the bottle would probably do it.

Of course the waiting period was a problem. Just like when I cook and burn the crap out of my pots and pans, as soon as the immediate task of pouring was done, I got side tracked, forgot to set a timer, and didn't notice how time had passed until maybe 90 minutes later. Back to the bathroom to flush out with water. Darn! The drain still runs slow!!!!!

Then I consulted the instructions again. 15 minutes. Flush with HOT water. 16 ounces. I had not complied - exactly - with any of these. And I also noted that the instructions call to "Repeat steps 1 - 3 if necessary." And so I did. I poured the rest of the bottle down the drain. Forgot to set the timer again. Realized - this time only 45 minutes late - that I had forgotten to rinse out the sink. And flushed with cold water again; this time because there was no hot water left in the tank. The results were less than satisfying.

Now comes the question. Do I assume that this product still is better than Drano because I haven't heard of it before, and buy more? And that the problem was that I wasn't complying with their instructions? Or do I go with market brands of drain cleaner because it really doesn't matter what you put down the drain when you know that you're not going to comply with the directions anyway? Or would it matter? Perhaps I've developed a solution-resistant plugged up sink which will require real intervention by Robert of I Love Plumbing? Who is, as a reminder, quite easy on the eyes and charming to boot. It's a dilema.

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