Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Raining,It's Pouring

The last day of November and apparently that little feeling about the clouds in the sky yesterday has come to fruition. It's raining outside!

I was delighted. My condominium complex takes on a whole new air when everything is wet and shiny and clean. The greenery glistens with droplets of water; the noise from the nearby freeway is dimmed. The air is fresh and the ground almost looks like a reflective pond. Not slippery at all, though, and the rain today was not heavy enough to cause a torrent of water that runs riverlike down the courtyard(s) to the parking area. Perfect!

I left home for my doctor's appointment around 11 am, all smug that I had actually had the foresight to change my windshield wipers one day before it started to rain. I bet if I had waited until today, they would have cost twice as much.

As I pulled out of my parking space, a fleeting thought crossed my mind. What if they charged me for the new windshield wipers yesterday but had not installed them?

But that worry was for naught. As you can see, I could see. Lots and lots of freeway traffic.
"Take two Advil and call me in the morning." That's what - in essence - Dr. Sisto told me today when I visited him. That is, after he picked himself off of the floor when he realized who I was. I haven't seen him in a few years and I look a little bit different. We go way back, by the way. He picked up my case when Dr. Blazina - his mentor and partner - died some 20 years ago.
In a nutshell, I may or may not have substantively damaged my knee during one of the falls last week. It's definitely not broken and that's great news. The thought that I might have fractured it has actually crossed my mind. There's a lot of swelling, especially under the knee cap. The question was whether I would get an MRI right away or give it another week or two to try and heal. "Your knees are so ultra sensitive." was his comment. "With all the surgeries that you've had and based on the x-rays, I don't even know how you're standing, let alone walking without assistance. You're not my average patient." I hope not.
I made the call. As much as I love MRIs (and I do, I really do! They stick you in that tube and nobody bothers you for 45 minutes...), I'd like to talk to my Podiatrist first. If there is something really wrong with the knee - and it's still possible that I tore something, I wonder if it might be in the realm of possibility for both men to coordinate surgeries and do them under the same anesthesia. After all, it's all on the same leg.
Meanwhile, alternate ice and heat (just what I've been doing all along), take drugs, and carry on. And so I came home and did. Sat down at my beading "office..."

And made startling progress on the seashell necklace. I bet I can have it done by the end of the weekend.

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