Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Day at the Museum

There was not a lot of time to sleep in this morning. Eric & I were taking his kids to the old Museum of Science and Industry in Exposition Park (downtown Los Angeles) which has been totally refurbished and is known as the California Science Center. But before we could go, I needed to get my new "morning ritual" in. Also known as 15 minutes of exercise.

When I took this little venture up, I was quite concerned. Not about the exercise itself, but about exercising in the privacy of my own home. I was embarassed by it. About exacty what, I couldn't tell you. But my concerns ranged from who would see me (or even know) to what I would wear while exercising. I polled the Fab 4 about their choice in home-exercise gear, and was fairly scoffed at for worrying about it. Claudia advised me that I could even exercise in the nude. Like that is going to happen????? I think not. I'd probably get knocked out by flying boobs and stomach skin!

So after realizing with a little help from my friends that I was being ridiculous, I started stepping onto my Brookstone Stepper and doing a little bit. And found that it was harder than I thought it would be. The first time I used it, I could only do 100 steps! I did know through practical experience, though, that if I kept with it, it would get better. And it did, except that my knees are so fragile that they were quickly becomming very painful from the abuse. And so it was that I came upon my current routine.

1. Roll out of bed. Take care of personal body functions & let dogs outside to do the same.
2. Put on old XL Sweat Pants that are left over from Paramount Pictures - now way too big but I like them anyway - and camisole.
3. Feed dogs.
4. Put on shoes. I have discovered that you cannot effectively use the stepper barefoot and that thongs/sandals don't work so well either.
5. 100 Steps on Stepper.
6. Lay on floor to do combination of 25 forward crunches, 25 side crunches, 25 butt lifts, and 12 double leg drops.
7. Fight off dogs who are swarming me becaue they are confused by the process.
8. Repeat #'s 6 & 7 until 400 steps are taken.

Sunny doesn't quite believe me when I start yelling at him to keep his distance while I'm doing abs.

Cosmos retires to "The Today Show" when he finally realizes that it isn't a good time to get pet.

Running on the stepper.

* - * - * - * - * Exercise completed, showered, dressed, I was ready to meet the gang at 11 am. Off to the Science Center we went!

The California Science Center

The fun begins in the parking lot. Ethan, Miles, & Gabby pull on a lever which raises the truck in the background off of the ground.

Just outside of the entrance.

From left to right, Miles, Gabby, & Ethan.

Miles makes it 1/2 way up the rock wall...

...before coming back to terra firma. A great attempt for a five year old.

Ethan takes on the wall...

And rings the bell at the top!

Interesting information about Pizza courtesy of the cafeteria on the bottom floor.

Ethan & Miles learn about cause and effect by playing with dominos.

The view of the rose garden out of the Science Center's windows.

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