Monday, May 12, 2008

When the Cat's Away...

The mice do play.

Yes, another rhyme. But I have my own version.

When the boss is away, it makes my day.

I ran into a good friend in the market last week. I'm certain that she's signed a confidentiality agreement about her place of employment... I did the same when I worked at each of the several studios that I worked at. So it was impossible for her to respond when I started joking about her boss traveling for business and therefore she having a vacation.

Later that evening, I realized that I hadn't said everything I intended to about the boss being gone. So I e-mailed her.

If you think I loved it when my boss traveled, that was nothing. I really liked it when she went on vacation because she would only check in once a day and if I timed it right, I was away from my desk when she called.

My very favorite time, though, was when she was sick. Preferably deathly ill. Sometimes if she was sick enough, she didn't call at all.

Just when I think I miss working the most, I remember it was not all rainbows and lemonade.

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