Monday, May 12, 2008


Beans! Beans!
The magical fruit.
The more you eat them
The more you Toot.

The more you toot
The better you feel
So eat your Beans
at every meal.

I taught that rhyme to Miles - age 6 - a little over a week ago. When I helped him to school this morning, I tested his memory. It's fully intact. He may have translated my "front seat in the car" declaration from 'not before 8 years and 80 pounds' to '100 years and 100 pounds,' but he remembered every word of the jingle. Clearly he was impressed.

However, there is apparently a big difference between being six and eight years of age. Since Miles was so excited that I should know such a song, I mentioned the same to Ian after his awards ceremony last Monday. Rather than finding it amusing, he looked at me with a very slight tinge of condescention. "Oh Aunt Laura," he said. "That's an old one. I heard it on The Simpsons years ago."

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