Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Child's Play

Memorial Day has come and gone, but it was a nice one. I joined Eric & his family - and Adele, Steve, & Ian joined us too - for a BBQ in his back yard. You could say it was a somewhat low key affair in that there were no pretentions, the food was modest as were the accomodations. But especially amongst the kids, spirts were high.

Garrett & Ethan helped participate in their own way. Garrett is the BBQ Master. He used his Hand Grenade style lighter to light the charcoal and then cooked us up a bunch of terrific hot dogs. Ethan helped shuck corn and carve up watermelon. As did Gabby and Miles.

The fun truly started once Adele, Steve, & Ian arrived though. Gabby and Miles were looking forward to Ian with great anticipation and they were not disappointed. Nor was Ian. You see, Ian is an only child. He leads a very active and productive lifestyle, but one of discipline and purpose. Eric is the sole custodian of four, on the other hand, so you can say that chaos rules. Don't get me wrong... they're good kids, but very smart and active and they have each other to bounce and enact ideas off of. More than one man can keep track of.

So you can imagine Ian's impression when he is turned loose in this environment. The first time he came up, he was a little bit isolated; especially when the Nerf Automatic weapondry was brought out. (He lives in a very passive home.) He was intrigued but did not know what to do with the exposure. Not this time though.

They played superball handball against the living room wall. They ran around on a self-administrated game of "Scavenger Hunt." I'm not sure what else they were up to, but I can tell you that the bursts of high-spirited laughter were eminating from all corners of Eric's home. When Ian was asked if he would like to be left behind to live with Eric's kids instead of coming home with Mommy & Daddy, it only took a moment's thought before he responded "yes."

I think that the situation was summed up very nicely by Adele in her Thank You e-mail to Eric later last night.

Ian especially had a great time. Apparently he was
very enthusiastic about the way your kids play. When we got home he
whined and whined that all I ever taught him to do was to sit on the
couch. I guess he forgot that this weekend he went out to dinner, to
a musical theater performance, went glow in the dark mini golfing and
got a new bicycle. Anyway, I got the impression that he much prefers
the chaos over at your house. I've got to admit, it did look awfully fun!

She's right. It did.


Anonymous said...

Awwww. I'm so glad he had fun fun fun!!!

hot tamale said...

Im glad you all did. Blending families is hard and you never know what will be said or done. Kudos on doing such a good job. Im glad you had a great day Laura!


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