Friday, May 30, 2008

Boxing Day

In Canada, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. I believe that it's the day that the servants there get to celebrate and relax while the Master of the House and his family serves them. If I have a reader who is versed in the subject, you would please comment?

In Tarzana, though, Boxing Day turned out to be something quite different. I decided to try out L.A. Boxing as a means of exercise and it was an interesting experience. Not a bad one either.

First, I have to admit that I had some trepidation in trying out something seemingly so different than what I am used to with Richard. I mean, come on! Boxing? As in gloves and a punching bag? Sounds kind of mean, but then again, some of my experiences lately at Slimmons have not been all that friendly either. This kind of new environment certainly would be a different focus and it was only one class. A FREE class. What did I have to lose?

So I went, and worrying that I might have a physical issue or embarass myself or really hate it, I walked in that door, only to be greeted by some lovely people behind the counter. They wrapped my hands (kind of like a sports wrap to give my knuckles and wrists some extra support) and loaned me some gloves. That was a little bit gross... kind of like wearing bowling shoes without socks when everybody before you wore them without socks too. But I certainly was not going to buy gloves for a perhaps one time experience, so I made do. (And washed my hands thoroughly once I got home.)

Soon P.J., our teacher and a professional boxer, showed up and we were introduced. I gave the typical schpeel about my medical issues and how my information was in my bag if something happened and I was unable to speak for myself. Nobody seemed to take it very seriously, but then again, until something happens, nobody ever does. To quote the doctor who saw me in ER when the paramedics took me in last year, "I don't look like somebody with all of those medical issues."

Soon, the room filled up with other students. Mostly heterosexual men although some women thrown in for good measure. We all took up a position behind a punching bag (they had them laid out in rows suspended off of steel girders) and the music was put on. We did some quick warm up exercises, and then were off!

PJ told the class what sequence of punches we were to throw (jabs and hooks)and with what foot combinations thrown in (the boxers dance!) and they just did it. He had to come over to me and show me a little closer, but I didn't have much trouble picking up the moves. We would do a few minutes of boxing exercises, then break them up with cardio moves like jumping jacks, running around the room, push ups, etc. Then back to the bag again for further sequences. This went on for 45 minutes.

After that, we had 15 minutes of ab exercises and were dismissed.

My arms are somewhat sore and I expect that they will be more so in a few hours. The cardio and stamina portions of the class were not difficult for me; Richard prepared me well. PJ did have a few ab exercises that were new to me and I may adopt a couple of them into my permanent home routine.

Financially, LA Boxing was very attractive however they do require a one year commitment. I need to think about that. I believe that I might be better served in an environment where I can pay by the class. But they did have one option where I can just sign up on a month-by-month basis. It's not monitarily the best deal in town, but who knows?

I have no idea how this whole exercise shopping trip is going to work out. I tried to walk around Balboa Lake again, and had a problem within 5 minutes. Immediate bathroom access is critical for me and I fear that a walking program is just not going to do. I do have an appointment to try out Ballys on Monday... for those of you who I have complained to about the never-ending phone calls from "Art," he finally reached me today. I had intended to call them next week and set up my two-week trial, but it's starting a litle earlier and that's ok. I can live with it.

In the meantime, I would not exclude boxing from my range of choices. It was kind of fun.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for trying this new experience..I can totally see you in there hittin' on the bag. Please let me know how Bally's was..I'm thinking of joining 24Hour Fitness in Oct/Nov.

hot tamale said...

It really sounds like fun!!! I can totally see you going down this path. The Fab 4 and me will be in the front row of your first boxing match!! Now you've got to think of a good nick name


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