Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moo U

Pierce College - affectionatly known as "Moo U-" in the valley because of it's School of Agriculture - held it's annual Farm Walk last Sunday. I've participated as a volunteer in the sheep unit for many years, demonstrating hand spinning wool into yarn and assorted related crafts, but I never actually did the walk. That is, before this year.

I met Eric, Gabby, & Miles early in the morning, and we immediately set out for the Goat Unit. That required walking up a hill and around the corner, but it was pleasant and cool. There were many goats to visit, and the kids learned that a baby goat is a kid too. We proceeded on to the Sheep unit where Gabby & Miles got the chance to pet a sheep in the wool. They were penned up and ready for the sheep sheering demonstrations to be held later in the morning.
Off down the nature path we went, when the kids made close contact with some of the ducks that habitate the pond at the base of the hill. I am not in favor of a meal of duck. Too greasy.
Back up to the Sheep unit where this woman talked about the process of shearing and preparing the wool for use. She got almost everything right except for the part about how she would deliver the wool just shorn to the spinners above and they would spin it for the audience.

Yeah, right. Not only are the Pierce breeds not suitable for the fine handspinning that my friends participate in, but the wool was greasy and dirty. Not much fun and as I hear it, the spinners told the Pierce people to bag it up and they would take it home. I didn't talk to them, but I'm guessing that it is going to make a direct trip to the compost pile.

Anyway, Elissa if you're reading, I posted this picture for you so you know who's doing your job now.

Sheering the sheep. I tried to volunteer Miles for a hair cut too, but the woman actually took me seriously and conducted an in depth discussion about why the sheers used on a sheep would not be suitable for a little boy. Oy.
Gabby went on to her pool party at a Country Club, but Miles & I stayed and looked at the rest of the animals. Behind Miles is the "Moo" of "Moo U-"

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