Saturday, May 3, 2008


Today, Eric & I went to see the movie "Young at Heart." It was fabulous and I would highly recommend it to everyone reading this blog.

I wanted to see it not only for the critical acclaim that it has been receiving, but because Eric's usual choice in movies includes people being blown up, shot, or dying in all sorts of unsavory manners. My choice was billed as light hearted. Yes, I heard that one of the cast members dies, but I wasn't expecting them to fall like flies over the course of two hours. Even with death as an unbilled star though, it was a pleasure getting to know the old folks.

This particular movie was momentous for more than just the subject and content, though. Remember, because of weight and other emotional issues, I led a rather stunted life, especially on the dating scene. Believe it or not, Eric took me on my very first dinner-and-a-movie date! But the first movie we saw - I think - was American Gangster. That was not the type of movie that we would engage in date-like behavior. I.e. Eric feeling me up.

Every girl - even those like me - knows that being groped is a rite of passage. We know the procedure. The guys sit on our right, hands conspicuously in their lap. Then they feel an irresistable urge to stretch. Up straight out over their heads go their arms. They extend them fully to either side. And the one going out to their left drapes (accidentally) over our shoulder.

Now the scene is set. We're innocently watching the movie. Their hand begins to move. They're rubbing our arm and our shoulder and because they have not strayed into "forbidden" territory, we let them do it. Then the procedure varies depending on what kind of girl we are. If we are a "good girl,' when their hand goes astray and touches a breast (by accident of course - lol!), we elbow them and protest in righteous indignation. If we are a "bad girl,"we let them touch us. And so on and so on.

Well, I've been protesting to Eric for some time now that he has not been groping me. What's the deal? Is there something wrong with me? I reminded him of the above mentioned process, just in case he didn't know! (:D) He laughed but all we saw were war movies and it just wasn't appropriate.

All that changed today. Almost immediately after the flick started, he made his move.

"Congratulations!" I told him immediately, despite the "no talking" admonishment that appeared on the screen before the movie began. "It's about time!!!!!" And then I asked if I could announce it on my blog. Permission granted, I protested again. "You didn't follow due process. All you did was grab me."

So later in the movie he went through the prescribed motions. I checked with him again to be sure... yes, it was ok if I told you about it. So now I am proud to say at the ripe old age of 51, I have finally been shamelessly felt up in a theater.

I've been waiting my entire life for this moment.


hot tamale said...

Congratulations Laura, if only the "drive-in" movies were still available, think what other rites of passage you could acomplish!!
Thanks for the chuckle.BTW I too have experienced many "firsts" and we're exactly the same age, so you're not alone....hummm maybe its time for a poll Laura???? LOL

Mrs. G. said...

I can't wait to see this movie! Now I want to see it even more.

Claudia said...

Welcome to my world. The world of being groped. Even after 31 1/2 years of marriage. Life is good.


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