Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eleven After Ten

In my home, we keep to a certain schedule. Up at 7:00am to let the dogs out and maybe feed them, maybe not, then back to bed. I have autoimmune issues and they tend to be the worse in the morning so I sleep late whenever possible.

Up at 8:30 to feed the dogs if I didn't do it earlier because by 8:30 am, Cosmos is crying like a baby, a miserable dog who's lament is that he is being starved to death. Immediately following breakfast, dogs go out again (or I take them for a walk if it's a good morning) because if I don't let them out, Sunny will stand at the door and bark at me until I do. In the meantime, Cosmos will be 1.) Peeing in his dog dish, 2.) Peeing in Sunny's dog dish, or 3.) Peeing in the doorway to the bedroom.

The daylight hours vary depending on what I have scheduled. Doctor's appointments are a constant, and on the days - a lot lately - that I'm not feeling so well, I spend a lot of time in bed. The dogs go in and out as they please when I'm home as I leave the front door open for their pleasure. (We have a front patio; I keep the gate to that locked so there are no mistaken escapes.)

11am is dog biscuit time. As is 12pm, 1:30pm, 4:00 pm, and then it's dinner by 6:00. It's the happy dog that gets fed the evening meal early and it happens occasionally. Especially on the evenings that I go to exercise class but also on those days that I don't want to listen to Cosmos's piteous whine about hunger.

The evening goes sporatically. Cosmos will follow me wherever I go in the condo (it's not very big), especially to the kitchen where he demands yet another biscuit for himself and his brother. And if he can get me to feed him directly from the refrigerator, he's even happier.

9:00pm, and it's time for the final walk of the day if I'm feeling well enough, or the final time in the yard if I'm not. Then comes a question of bed.

Cosmos is in favor of bed. He believes that the mattress in the middle of my bedroom with the sheets and pillows belongs to him. He will allow me to share it with him, but there is no question as to who is in charge.

When the evening constitutional is complete, he thinks that he should be put directly into the sleep mode. This belief has become worse as he becomes a - ahem - mature dog, but is an old pattern. If I am in the bedroom, he starts whining again until I help him up. In the old days when he was younger, he was capable of jumping in on his own, but now he needs an assist.

Sometimes I help him right away; sometimes I don't. One thing that is true is he is my shadow and if I leave the bedroom, he will jump out of the bed to follow me. I don't like that much stress on his old bones, so if I think I'm not done for the evening, I try to ignore him and let him stay on the floor.

There comes a time, though, that enough is enough. Cosmos's threshold of pain has been surpassed and it's time. He must go to bed and he must go to bed now. That time would be exactly 10:11 pm. I don't know how he knows, but somehow he has an internal mechanism that helps him recognize when the moment is upon us.

When I am home alone, at 10:11 he comes to me and I put him in the bed. I can then go on to do whatever is happening and he will stay put. But when Eric is over, it is a different matter.

Cosmos likes Eric well enough... after all, Eric feeds him treats from the table fairly regularly. No, the relationship is not like Eric & Sunny. Sunny worships the ground that Eric walks on and Cosmos is nothing if he is not a Mama's boy. But he's generally happy when Eric comes to visit.

That all changes at 10:11 pm. At that moment, Cosmos needs to go to bed but we have company. It is a dog's duty to monitor the activities of visitors and although I might put Cozie in the bed, he will not stay. Instead, he will jump out and cry and cry and cry, sounding like a rusty hinge and a squeeky spring in out-of-tune harmony, until I look at Eric in desperation - have I told you that Eric is a very good sport? - and ask if we can all go get into the bed together. And so the three of us trudge into the bedroom.

I put Cosmos in first, then Eric enters from the other side. Finally I get in and Cozie is the meat in the sandwich. We pet him from both sides and you'd think he'd be happy, but that is not the case. He does not approve of sharing his bed with Eric and makes no bones about it. He looks at Eric with distain and leans against me. He drapes himself over me... first his head over my neck and then his entire dog body over my abdomen. Finally he crawls over me to the mattress edge and leans against me on the far side of me from Eric, moaning underneath his breath. We will usually stay like that until Eric has to go home.

There was the evening recently that I had to get up to do something and leave the two of them in bed. To convey Cosmos's feelings in full, I think a picture is worth a thousand words. So here is your challenge. Eric is in the bed outside of the perimeter of the picture. Can you tell me what you think Cosmos is thinking?


Anonymous said...

I'm not touching you!! I'm not touching you!!!

hot tamale said...

ewwwwww cooties!! or


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