Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Animals Elude Us

Just as the animals went onto the Ark two by two, so did Eric & I, Gabby & Miles head down to the Skirball Cultural Center to see their 'Noah's Ark' exhibit last Sunday.

The timing initially seemed fortuitous as, according to the brochure that we received upon parking, there was a special event held in the venue on the last Sunday of each month.

We headed up towards the museum with anticipation of the wonders that we were going to see and get to play on.
And were greeted at the door by banners featuring one of the animals.
Unfortunately, though, the exhibit was sold out for the day and we had to "make do" at the archeological dig site, also known as "Digg It!" There we found sand pits with archeological tools ready to receive the kids in pursuit of ancient treasures. And find them they did.

Above and beyond the standard shards of pottery, the various pits - each with a different theme - were seeded with items of interest. Miles located an oil lamp.
While Gabby discovered an ancient tablet of writing.
Despite what it appears, this is not the hollow tree that the Keebler Elves bake their cookies in.
We wandered around the grounds for a while, then headed home.
The day, for a May afternoon in Los Angeles, was awfully cloudy, but we knew that it was not going to rain because we had not made it into the Ark.
But we are making advance reservations for June.

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