Wednesday, May 7, 2008


As it happens on a regular basis, Adele called me last Friday to let me know that Ian was selected to win an award at his school. The presentation ceremony was the following Monday and I quickly committed to going. We didn't know if he had been selected to win an Academic award or one for Citizenship, but it mattered not. We were proud.

As it turns out, Ian won both awards! Adele now has a "Proud Parent" bumper sticker to give to Daddy (she already had one on her car) as well as more to post on the refrigerator.

We went outside of Ian's classroom to await his release from class. Once he came out, we talked to him about a number of things and while in earnest discussion, another teacher came by and sharply addressed one of the many students in Spanish.

Ian was impressed. "That teacher is very smart because he knows how to speak in two languages," he said. "He sounds like he must have come from Mexico."

Adele looked at Ian. She quickly told him that he could speak more than one language if he wanted to, too. "Why don't you take a Spanish Class when you get into middle school?" she asked.

"I'd rather take French." he replied. "I've wanted to go to France for my entire life." Ian is eight.

"French? France?!?!" Adele retorted. "Why do you want to go there? The people smell because they don't take regular baths."

And then she looked Ian up and down. Shook her head. And sadly stated, "Ah, but yes. You don't like to take baths either."


Doll Creelman-Migliaccio said...

How wonderful!

I wonder how many 8 year olds know they want to go to France? lol

Perhaps he could learn french and spanish. I get the feeling he's pretty smart.

Doesn't it make you feel wonderful to see someone so young achieving and reaching for the stars?

Big hugs to you all!

(who lives 20 min from Quebec and still struggles with her high school french)

Anonymous said...

OMG..ROFL...he's just too cute..Congrats IAN...

Claudia said...

What a gorgeous kid. I'll be the girls are all over him. LOL Just wait a couple of years and he will be getting The Sexiest Man Alive award.

hot tamale said...

What a beautiful boy. I agree with Claudia....he's going to be a heart breaker with those gorgeous eyes of his...


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