Friday, November 28, 2008

Gonna Be a Hot Night, Baby, Tonight!

Back on November 15th, I posted about my poor kitchen oven. It was dead. It warmed nothing, but the smell of gas was pervasive. I called Sears to schedule a repair appointment, but later realized that they were due to come out on the last afternoon of Vennie's visit. No way was I giving up any time with Vennie, so I called to reschedule.

This time, they couldn't come out for weeks. And weeks. And weeks. Maybe it was the holidays. Maybe they lost some personnel. Maybe they were just being uncooperative because I had to reschedule the appointment. But it seemed that it was going to be a long time before I had an oven again. I made the appointment anyway. I'm very resourceful in the kitchen and figured that since the stove top still worked, I could make due.

But then I was talking to Adele Sunday night, and mentioned my dilema. If I could have seen her face, I suppose she would have been looking at me cross eyed. "Why are you going to Sears?" she asked. "They charge twice as much and give you half as much service. I have an excellent repair company." And she e-mailed me contact information for AM PM Appliance Repair in Sherman Oaks.

OMG! I woke up Monday morning and gave them a call. "Would you like us out this afternoon or tomorrow?" they asked. Huh? I had a hard time comprehending their question.

"How about we come out today between 3pm and 7pm?" I was estatic, as you can imagine. It had been a long time since I'd been able to bake anything.

Well, less than an hour later, I got another call for them. "Uh oh," I thought, but as it turns out, they had a repair man right in my neighborhood. Could they come over within the next hour?

"I feel like I hit the lottery!" I responded. "Of course you can come!!!!!!!" And so I locked up the doggies and waited.

About 30 minutes later, Lee - as his name tag said - was in my condo, checking the oven out. He pronounced it an issue of the electric starter not working, and yes he had the part in his truck. He ran out, got it, and 45 minutes later, I was in business.

Dinner on Monday night was Mustard Salmon, roasted brussels sprouts, and a baked potato. All made in the oven. I have a lot of baking time to make up for.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 28.


Anonymous said...

glad you got it fixed sweety..happy baking!!!

Vennie said...

Yay! Wow, what service! (and a cute butt, too.) All that time it coudl have been fixed...who knew! Here's to Adele and her fix it people! Now you've got the carpets, the plumbing and the oven covered--what's next?


hot tamale said...

Truly a thanksgiving story. Glad you're back in business but sad the challenge of posting is almost over. I enjoyed every bit of it.


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