Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vennie's AdVenture, Day 7 - The End

It's a sure bet that 100% of the dogs surveyed were against Vennie going home today.

They did not care about her stories of her own cats or Madison or even her Mother. They would prefer that she stay.
But neither they nor I could convince her that leaving was a bad idea, so after a late breakfast and a visit with Eric, we headed off to Longs Drug Store in pursuit of a travel rain bonnet and to complete a super-secret mission that nobody can know about. We did not find the bonnet, but instead we found this:

Bald Guyz head products. Moisure Gel. Deep cleanser and conditioner. Sunscreen. And head wipes. Now I don't want to sound naive, but wouldn't standard soap and sunscreen work just fine where there is no hair involved?

Lunch at California Pizza Kitchen,

And off to the Flyaway Bus we went.

Bye bye Vennie. Come back soon.

This afternoon, I resumed my normal life. Sigh.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 22.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad she was able to come for a visit...

i hope to hear more of your adventures soon..

love you

Vennie said...

I HATED getting on that Flyway bus--just hated it!!! The next visit can't come soon enough. I already miss Laura, the dogs, and even Eric, who is so warm and funny and such a great boyfriend to Laura. Could we look into getting him cloned?



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