Friday, November 7, 2008

She's a Brainiac, Brainiac on the Floor!

It was a normal night at Slimmons. Well, actually it wasn't so normal. I was late because the streets were tied up by the Gay & Lesbian Coalitions protesting the ban on Marriage, good for them. I was half-tempted to skip class and join them.

But other than that, it was a normal night at Slimmons. Well, actually it wasn't because I was on my feet for the whole class and I can feel my energy and strength starting to return.

But other than that, it was a normal night at Slimmons. Not.

We were following Richard's moves, dancing our hearts out. I was on my side of the room, Dana was on hers. Dana dances closer to the lobby where all the thin people cluster and the mirrors are the "fat" mirrors. They're all thin enough over there that it doesn't matter. I prefer by the loading dock where the "thin mirrors" are.

Side to side we were dancing. "Four more!" Richard yelled. "Three more! Two more!" And that's when it happened. In the flash of the moment, the "Exit" sign over the lobby exit loosened from the ceiling and fell. Right on Dana's head!

I would say that Dana was shocked, but actually the electrical part of the unit stayed in the ceiling.

I would say that Dana was brained, but actually, it was closer to having her brain removed.

Dana needs to remember never to get a-head of herself.

The exit sign had a head trip.

Dana wanted to exit a-head of everybody else.

Dana exited at the head of the class.

The sign a-doored Dana.

It's a sign from above.
Dana is a target. Dana needs to go shopping at Target.

Dana was exit-cuted.

Exit, stage Right.

Was braining Dana Richard's a-sign-ment for the evening?

Was that Dana's exit strategy?

Hey Dana... if you're here, could you show us a sign?

(Click on picture for a larger image)

My dog Cosmos has had a long and bitter feud with the sky. It started with thunder and lightening, and escalated into full fledged battle when the sky followed up by throwing ice chips at him.

I came home tonight and told him the story of Dana. He was relieved that finally, after all these years, somebody else - specifically Dana - agrees with his point of view. The sky is falling.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 7.


hot tamale said...

Poor Dana Wayna, glad she's ok and that you're well enough for a Slimmons trip.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I'm glad she's okay..and I'm happy to read you are getting your strength back! YAHOOOOOOOO

Any out of town visitors this week?

Anonymous said...

I just went and blew up the caught my interest...all the ORBS...Wow!!!

hot tamale said...

wooooahh I didnt notice them the first time, maybe they are from fat cells that have died in Slimmons. I know I've left many on that wooden floor.


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