Saturday, November 8, 2008

Monster In the Closet

When we're little, we often think that there are monsters lurking in the dark, ready to carry us off. They live in the shadows, under the bed, in the closet. They are most known for coming out at night, after our parents turn out the lights. Whether we really believe they are there, or if it's a ruse to stay up just a little later I don't know. In all honestly, I don't remember if I ever believed in the monsters. It's been too long.

On the other hand, I have age and wisdom behind me now, and I know that the monster in the closet exists. It does not take the form that most children imagine, but it is there all the same. It resides in my hall closet. Since I'd addressed my bedroom and studio closets as well as the floors and carpets in those rooms, it was time to do battle at the next location.

Behold, the monster in the closet!
I have a philosophy about closets that serves me well. That is, the closet is not full until, when forced closed, the door pops back open again. At that point, the issue must be addressed.

My hall closet is particularly susceptible to this philosophy. Centrally located, it is immense. Shelves line one wall and rods the other two. There is a ton of floor space too. It's where I store roving and fleeces, assorted junk, a cedar trunk full of old Persian rugs, dogie barriers, and assorted *crap* . In the past, I've stored bicycles and tricycles, picnic supplies and fiber dying pots (still in there); medical supplies and clothing, files and computers, and even dog beds. It all fit at the same time. Such is the power of my closet.

In all honesty, under normal circumstances, it would not have been time to do anything about it yet. After all, the door still closed with ease, and since I didn't use anything in there on a regular basis, why bother? It was easier to ignore the rumblings in the monster's belly. But enter Vennie into the picture.

She's coming. She's coming next week. And she will be here for close to a whole week. YIPPEE!

Last time she visited, she lived in my bedroom. The whole Fab 4 were here then; Beth in the studio aka "Beth's Room", Claudia in the living room. Me and my dogs in my room. And Vennie located on her mattress at the foot of my bed.

But this time is different. Because she will be here by herself, the chaos that rules during mass visits is not appropriate. Vennie will stay in the studio. And her luggage and clothing will be easily accessible in the hall closet. (The studio closet houses a number of large pieces of weaving equipment, rendering it useless for guests.) That system worked really well the last time Beth was here on her own. But of course, that meant that I had some work ahead of me.

So I entered the closet and stuff started being tossed outside. Cosmos was fearful of the fracas , but when I stepped outside for a breather, the monster stopped making noise too. He stepped up to investigate what had been regurgitated so far. A mixture of Goodwill donations and trash. Heavy on the donations.

And then, sooner than I would have anticipated, the monster was tamed.

I must keep it subdued for the next couple of weeks. I don't want to have to deal with this again. Better to move forth and conquer other issues like scrubbing out Vennie's bathtub, and maybe cooking-and-freezing some easy meals for us for after she arrives.

It's quiet in the hallway now. Nothing amiss. Nothing rumbling just beneath my level of awareness emanating from the closet. But I am not secure in this state of affairs.

For I know how it works. I know what's going to happen. When Vennie goes back home, the monster will be hungry, and far be it from me not to feed it.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 8.


Beth said...

I wish I was coming too! Boohoo! I miss you!!!

Hugs and love - Beth

Anonymous said...

you are gaining your strength back..I am so impressed with the closet..come work at my house.

Do the fabbies want to come to Seattle?

Please, Please Please, give vennie a hug for me..

I miss you all so very much..More than you will ever know right now.


hot tamale said...

WOW, I love your "new" closet. That would be a great career change for you huh? Traveling closet tamer...Im sure you can think of a much cleaver name but I'd sure hire ya!! Wish I could come up for a group hug but it doesnt look possible but ya never know.

Claudia said...

Whaaaaahhhhh. I wanna come too!!! I miss all of you. By the way, I consider that closet my own personal changing room. LOL

Love ya,


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