Tuesday, November 11, 2008


On Sunday, I had the joy of attending Ian's 9th birthday party.

We started out at the AMC Woodland Hills movies, where I believe about 15 of us viewed Madagascar 2. For what it is, it is not a bad movie. Bearable. For those of you without children, however, I would advise to steer clear.

After the movie was over, we head down to U-Wink for snacks,

a restaurant that, according to Eric, was developed by the same people that brought us all Chuck E Cheese. Shame on them - lol!

U-Wink is known for computer terminals on the tables themselves. Instead of ordering your meal through a waiter or waitress, you place it on line. Then hope that the waiter brings you what you ordered.

Eric & I split a Black & White Hummus platter. (no picture, sorry) It was ok. I lived. But I also feel really good about not taking in an extra 500 to 750 calories worth of sugar distributed via dessert - aka empty calories - at a time when I am struggling with weight.

I can hardly believe that Ian is 9! In one year, he will leave single-digit ages behind him forever. He is an amazing boy - smart, kind, compassionate, beautiful - and I expect that he will do great things in this world. How lucky am I to be related to such a child?

Even in his old age, Cosmos remains quite interested in the news and politics. I am learning how to upload video to Youtube now; I hope to bring the animated version of his TV watching to you in the near future.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 11.


Claudia said...

Cozie's Cousin Rigby is only interested in the Dog Whisperer, Tennis, Golf and AKC dog shows. He doesn't show much interest in politics yet. I attribute this to his age. He's still just a kid.LOL

Love ya,

Claudia said...

Oh, I didn't mean to hit the send button so fast. I wanted to tell you that Ian is absolutely gorgeous. I can also relate to your lucky feeling in being related to a wonderful child.I share them regarding Kerry. How lucky am I? and you?

Love ya,
Claudia (again)

Anonymous said...

All those orbs in the theatre how can you see the movie?

I love the picture of Cozie..I'm sure he was relieved after we got off the phone last night.


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