Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vennie's AdVenture, Day 5 - Reposted

Good Morning! Vennie & Laura woke up with a hankerin' for Smoked Salmon, so we went to Western Bagel for a Lox & Bagel breakfast.
Eric joined us there. It's official. Eric & Vennie are dating. Eric & I are planning to go on Jerry Springer together. The theme of the show? My boyfriend is dating everyone I know!

Vennie vs. the Red Line. Did she get sucked into the subway tube?

Boarding the train...

and away we go!

Vennie arrives at Union Station, the location where all unions begin.

A short walk later, and we're at Olvera Street. This is the first street in the city of Los Angeles.
Score! Vennie makes her first purchase of the day! "So many pretty things, so little time!" she says.
Vennie make herself at home in the Avila House. The Avila's were not home. Of course, that was to be expected since they built the house and started living there in 1818.
"Do not touch the cactus." Vennie did not touch the cactus. But she held onto the sign for dear life.
Says Vennie: "If one man is good, two is better!" She seems to have a date at every stop we make.

Reading the good "book."
Did she or didn't she? Only her hairdresser (and Laura) knows for sure.
Grand Central Market.
Half the Fab 4 at the Ramen place. Beth and Claudia, where are you?
Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 20.

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