Friday, November 21, 2008

Vennie's AdVenture, Day 6

Poor Vennie was exhausted this morning. As Richard would say, "I've worn her out and broken her..."

Ah! Back to life.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we'll always go through it together!

At the Getty Villa. Don't jump, Vennie! There's a staircase down to the entrance.

Hmmmm.... is there maybe a little lack-of-trust issue going on here?

And Vennie does it again! There's no question that she attracts the opposite sex. And with each day that passes, she's getting them younger, more attractive, and subservient. Now, if only they were naked...

Did somebody say naked?Vennie's smokin'! And in lieu of a cigarette, she leans on a pillar of salt.

And then goes for a cool bath.

Two women with braided hair.

And Vennie, once again, is kissing frogs in search of her perfect prince.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 21.


Anonymous said...

that place looks like fun..i'm glad you are all having a great time.

hot tamale said...

I appreciate reading about your visit more than you know...wish I were there too..AGH I should start a "school" count down too. Dec.18th cant come soon enough! Im missing go much and life is going by soooo fast. Oh what shall I do when the 30th day of posting comes? :(
Have a safe trip back home Vennie!
love ya both


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