Monday, November 17, 2008

Vennie's AdVenture, Day 2

Good Morning! Every day should start off with a good breakfast. (Click image to see a closer view of Vennie's Pajamas!)
Vennie goes shopping at Lulu Lemon! It's weird that they had a dressing room with her name on it waiting for her.
The Ronald Reagan Library. Where Vennie finds yet another boyfriend. Based on the last two days, I'd say she likes them tall.
She claims that she's just borrowing Ronnie's gloves out of his back pocket, but I think she's pinching his butt.

Did you know that they offer art lessons at the Ronald Reagan Library? (A piece of the Berlin Wall.)

Somebody's laughing at Vennie behind her back.

Says Vennie, "Coffee, Tea, or Me?"

The wing of the plane almost reaches the railing. "Please do not lean over railing or touch the wingtip. Alarm will sound!"
Vennie is a real rule's player. She did not lean over the railing. She did not touch the wingtip. The alarm did not sound, even when she spit at the wing.
Vennie may play around with other boys, but at the end of the day, she comes home to her main squeeze, Cosmos.
After all, they have coordinating pajamas.
Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 17.


Claudia said...

OK. I've had enough. March works for me. Early April is out because I'll be in Gainesville for Kerry's recital. Did you say China? LOL

I miss you all

hot tamale said...

March should work for me too
Have a blast and keep on postin'
Im lovin' this challenge
Off to school...
love ya both

Beth said...

I'm soooo there!!!! I've had enough too!!!! Mid-March works well. What dates work? Anything that doesn't involve March 12th works. (March 12th - Riverdance - front row!)

LI Laura said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast. Has Cosmos abandoned Mom to sleep with Vennie?


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