Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jingle Bells

Oy. The "season" has begun.

Forget the holidays per se. I'm talking about the season in which Cosmos's television plays "Dogs Barking Jingle Bells." It was on for the first time this year, this very morning.

Needless to say, Cosmos feels compelled to join the chorus. Oy.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 25.

1 comment:

Wilda said...

Sorry that this is the first in a while that I have been able to read your blog. I went back to where I had last read till now wow you have had a lot going on. Glad that you had a nice visit with Vinnie. Cosmos sounds like my friends cat piere he had a certain tape that he had to listen to everyday till christmas. Hope that you have a nice visit with Eric.


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