Sunday, November 9, 2008

Canine Wine

I know, you probably think this post is yet another Cosmos and Sunny story. But in fact, it's not. It's about Kate and Spencer. And a way that you can help rescue animals.

I have a friend who I haven't seen for many years, although we periodically check in by e-mail. She believes in rescue dogs just like me, and seven years ago adopted a pair of Pit Bull mixes. She loves her dogs and has never regretted bringing them into her home.

She is also involved with the Humane Society. And so she was on the board when it paired up with a local (California) winery to release a special vintage to benefit homeless animals. Canine Wines was developed and released, month by month, bottle by bottle. Cheryl e-mailed me about this some time ago; her furballs were scheduled to be featured on a future label.

Well, the future is now. Kate and Spencer adorn bottles of 2006 Santa Barbara Syrah wine. Cheryl says:

I am happy to announce that my “kids”, Kate & Spencer are featured on a recent release from Canine Wines which is available to purchase on the Canine Wines web site. I can personally vouch that the wines are very tasty AND your purchase supports animal rescue organizations.

As we approach the holidays, consider the gift of wine that will surely be the topic of discussion at your gathering - not only because of the great taste but because of the inspirational stories behind the dog(s) on the label – all dogs featured are rescued dogs.

If you enjoy wine or plan to give some as a gift this year, I urge you to consider this line so that homeless pets can benefit too. You can designate your choice of rescue organizations although I know that Kate & Spencer would appreciate you choosing the donation from your purchase to go to the Humane Society of Stanislaus County (HSSC); they will use the contributions to help animals in California's Central Valley.

But if you should choose to buy, no matter where you designate your contribution, lives will be saved.

Thirty posts in thirty days. This is day 9.

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