Monday, February 15, 2010

What Kind of Business?

If "the dog" had it's way, it would all be monkey business.

I woke up late - what's new? - made the first of three motivation bracelets I intended to complete today, had a fantastic conversation with my good friend Claudia, then went rushing out the door to meet Eric at the bank.  I took a big step today.  I officially opened up a business checking account.  It scares me.  It makes me feel like what I am trying to accomplish is real.  Gulp.

Did some shopping - yup, we were out of dog food again - then came home and worked on bracelet's #2 and #3.  Somewhere in there, I also framed out the Credits and Clips tab on my website.  Most of the links don't work there yet, although you can see - once again - my part in Richard's Infomercial (hint:  I'm at the beginning of Part 2) and my profile on the Hand Embroidery Network, which you've also heard about maybe a bazillion times in the last week.  They were easy to link because I had everything on hand and ready to go.

But through out all of this work, and trust me, it was a  LOT of work, there was Lucy.

Mid afternoon, I had left the front door open so that the dogs didn't bother me while I was trying to work; I could hear Lucy barking in the distance but was so involved in my own issues that I did not realize how disruptive she was being until Richard - our complex manager, not Simmons - came to ask me to bring her inside.  I did so, intending to walk her soon, but got diverted and we didn't go.  Let me tell you, she  let me know about it.

First she brought her pink toy to me.

  The process of getting my attention is to squeak it at a furious rate until I look up and acknowledge her.  When that didn't work, she got up and started banging it on my knee. 

I should have taken her out, but I had so much to do!  I didn't.  And then there was Richard's Chat! which I needed to attend.  I did, and then when that was over, I forgot about going for a walk, and even feeding the dogs.

Well, they did not stand for that.  They forced me up to feed them, but as soon as I did, I was back to work, and I did not realize how the time had passed until way past 10:30pm!  I thought about taking the dogs out then, but I know that Eric will be calling soon and if I'm not here, he'll worry.  So I decided to do this blog post so that I am keeping up my commitment here, and then call Eric.  Then I'll take the dogs out.

But Lucy is relentless.  She is bored.  There are toys scattered all over the condo.  I have a lot of picking up to do before going to bed.

28 posts in 28 days.  Today is day 15.

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