Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Forward, Faint Away

I saw Dr. Bluestone yesterday.  He was uncharacteristically not arrogant.  Very helpful.  Pointed out that all of my worst pain-points have moved from muscular to joint pain.  Apparently that is very significant, possibly something serious, and it's something that I had not thought much about.  He was also impressed by my ongoing Eyrthema Nodosum, my C-Diff, and other symptoms including fainting and breathing issues, that may or may not be related.  He says that the headaches are probably tension; I think he's probably right.  They started right around the time of the Miles and Anne crises.  He drew a lot of blood, and then sent me on to Cedars for my other lab work ordered by Dr. V-

When I arrived at Dr V's office to pick up paperwork, it wasn't ready.  New staff.  They asked me to first go to Registration for stickers to apply to it, then to the Lab.  Dr. V's assistant "Paul" decided to accompany me.  He didn't think I looked so good.  You think?  We got as far as the receiving window of the lab before I fainted.

The response dramatic and horrible.  Lab staff freaked and all came out to me.  Apparently this doesn't happen there often.  Somebody called the Cedars Crisis Team (I never knew they existed... where were they all the times I've fainted in Cedars hallways?) while Paul apparently ran for Dr. V- who was down the hall in his office.  He came with Paul and three nurses trailing.  The crisis team showed up; there had to have been at least 5 of them.  I"m not sure because there were so many people milling around the Lab's waiting room and I was the only patient there... I felt like I was looking into a kaleidoscope and shifting people were the result.  Then Security showed up.  Lots of security.  Needed to make "a report."  All for the exact same fainting that I've been doing for what now, more than three years, and nobody's cared to figure it out?

I finally got them all to go away once I was able to sit up against a wall except Dr. V, who remained behind to talk to me.  He wanted to call me by phone anyway, he explained, and figured this would be easier than phone tag.  He had spoken to my Therapist - said it was a "long" conversation - and is now finally fully convinced my issue is not depression.  Apparently so is Dr. Bluestone.  Bluestone, per Dr. V-,  told Dr. V- that he thinks something serious is indeed happening, that he has his suspicions that it's Fibromyalgia related, and that there is a new drug just barely available that he will investigate for me depending on the blood results.  I am to check in with Dr. V- on Monday and Dr. Bluestone on Wednesday.

At this point, Dr. V- thinks that since Dr. Bluestone says he has good leads, there is no need to admit me to the hospital next Wednesday.  Basically we're going to wait and see what the tests come back with.  Bluestone told me of a lot of autoimmune related options that he was considering, and I didn't inquire any further.  I'm just so very tired.  And very tired of it all.

28 Post s in 28 Days.  Today is day 27.

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Anonymous said... all I can say..Then I love you and sending positive thoughts, healing thoughts into your universe.


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