Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Romantic Lunch in the Rain

In the middle of pursuing some intense tasks, Eric decided to take me out to a very romantic lunch in Westwood.  Westwood is an upscale town in incorporated Los Angeles, just outside of UCLA.  When I attended UCLA, it was mostly small funky shops aimed at college students.  Well, those days are long gone and although they have the prerequisite McDonalds and such for college kids to eat, it's an area meant to impress and it does.

The restaurant we went to was called Tengu and it served Japanese food.  Here are some pics.

The Courtyard leading into Tengu.
Just inside the front door...  the aisle to the restaurant.
The Sushi Bar in the restaurant proper.
The view to the right of our table.
We were put into a little cubby area, very romantic, with a view through French Windows to the rainy scene outside.
Our Appetizer:  Crispy spicy tofu
shitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes,
scallions, chili dashi broth

Eric's appetizer that came with the meal:  Garden Salad.
I was cold and went for Miso Soup instead.
Sushi Platter "B".   Eric & I split each of the meals so that we could try more out.

Ginger Encrusted Chicken with Maui Sweet Onions.  The chicken and rice were delicious.  Eric liked the onions, but although they were made in tempura batter intead of the usual onion ring batter, all I could really taste is "fried." 
No attention to detail was missed at this fine restaurant.  In the ladies room, a fresh orchid.
28 posts in 28 days; today is day nine.

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Adele said...

Both tofu and miso are made from beans. LOL!


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